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  1. You knows it! Glad to hear you're doing so well Joey, and that your junk is still functioning!
  2. Jesus christ, your a face from the past. If Mezzio, Doog, etc where still around here they'd be pleased to see you! It's worth a revisit and post! How the HELL are you, Joey??
  3. Notoriously crappy footswitches in EH stuff, my first run reissue did something similar and I know other people have had problems. It's a simple change for a new footswitch, just a few points to solder.
  4. Cobain had scoliosis anyways, so maybe it WILL make him more like Kurt? LOL @ Louis. cobain4eva. SWEET. and like your knickers didn't get bunched back in the day when I said cobain was a loser and cut out on his family. You were 16 or 19 at the time Andrew if I remember correctly... Lolz, yeah. Youth makes fools of us all. More likely around 16, I started to shrug off the fixation after college..
  5. It even has the scratchy Mike made for me on it! Stewart wanted the stock one too, but obviously realised that it's a better idea having the 'bucker straight, Cobain-accurate or not.
  6. Cobain had scoliosis anyways, so maybe it WILL make him more like Kurt? LOL @ Louis. cobain4eva. SWEET.
  7. That guitar used to be mine, I sold it to Stewart/Burt. Omg lol.
  8. Lolz, I've missed all of this stuff.. Playing many arena shows are you, Mr Cobain?
  9. Try tuning it, and giving the string a good stretch away from the neck at the 12th fret- it may just not have seated properly.
  10. Distortion pedals are designed to go into the normal input of the amp, it'll sound like crap in the FX loop. FX loops are more designed for stuff like modulation and delay FX, that generally sound clearer put after any amp overdrive. The way you'd use it would be to plug your guitar into the normal input, run a cable from the FX SEND jack into the input of your pedal(s) then another lead from the pedal(s) output to the amp's FX RETURN jack.
  11. Maybe the ODR-S for the 3 band EQ? Mine has plenty of top end on tap.
  12. You could try: -Using an MXR Microamp or similar boost pedal to hit the amp's preamp a bit for a bit of dirt.. big volume jump, though. -Using a "transparent" low gain OD pedal; it'd work for your clean channel and not effect the gain channel a great deal -Getting some hotter pickups, or just jack the current ones up a little bit for more output. -Get some higher gain preamp tubes- a quick poke around most tube store website's descriptions will help you find the hotter ones. -Get your amp modded for more preamp gain. I wouldn't bother with those "volume boxes" off eBay, all they do is lo
  13. Yeah, as volume boost, that's ideal since obviously that way it's just raising output of the preamp rather than the input to the preamp. If you want a gain boost, you want it before your distortion source (pedal or overdriven amp).
  14. Hey dude, why'd you leave the Wheelers? Did the solo stuff, btw.
  15. I'd say spash out on a decent Seymour Duncan pickup for the bridge position (since it looks like thats all you use)- they really are a step up from the stock units. And of course you can sell the stock pickup on eBay for a bit of cash too, so you can at least make some of your money back.
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