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  1. They need to start making some of these for lefties, still paying 1400 dollars for a CIJ Jazzy/Jag.

    Ouch. It wouldn't seem that big of a deal to manufacture a few lefty bodies.

    My 10 year old son is a lefty, he eats and writes left but throws right. More ambi than lefty in some ways. If he learns to play guitar i'm going to insist on doing it right handed - Michael Angelo Batio is left handed but learned to play guitar right handed. It actually is better for your brain to learn how to do things with your "weak" hand. I would think that having your left hand doing the fretting would make, as a lefty, hammer-ons and pull-offs a lot easier to do than they are for me.

  2. Purrday. I wanna get one they are so cheap! How dyou like the tremolo on the Jazzy? Does the trem arm screw in like on the CPs? Stay in tune well?

    Its a drop in arm. It doesn't screw in. As long as you don't do extended dive bombs, it stays in tune just fine. In fact, I am *very* impressed by how well both guitars stay in tune in the case, especially the Jag (to be expected with no tremolo). The state of the art at the time the Jazzmaster was designed wasn't for the kind of whammy bar abuse you see in modern music... you'd need to install a Floyd Rose setup in my mind, by the time you get to that point its not really a Jazzmaster anymore. And whammy bar abuse ala Steve Vai is cool but I don't personally consider it musical :)

    Both of them are very high quality for MIM but its still worth it - I'm going to do this - to take them to a good setup guy after you've broken them in a bit and have 'em set up sweet. Plan on keeping mine stock, though.

  3. blech somebody kill it with fire

    Make sure to drive a stake through its heart and cut off the head.

    Robot tuners = stupid idea.

    For about 1/10th of the price, you can buy a nice import electric + a multieffects pedal that will do everything this guitar can, and isn't likely to be ripped off if you walk off stage for a few minutes.

  4. I discovered this board/forum shortly after I bought my 2010 Blacktop Jaguar on (appropriately) Black Friday. The quality is frickin' unbelievable for the money. I liked it so much I had to have the Blacktop Jazzmaster too... so here you go...


    These are great guitars. I think the Jaguar does hard rock really, really well, but it could cover anything. The Jazzmaster has a greater tonal range and is - surprisingly, for a Fender - one of the fastest necks I've played. Just sweet and scary fast...

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  5. It sounds like it might be worth the $40 to $60 to take it to a really good set-up tech and have them get it right. There are very few guitars that can't be made right as rain with a good setup tech. Where do you live in Louisiana? I'm willing to bet even if you are in the boonies that there are setup techs in Baton Rouge and New Orleans that can get you square fairly quickly.

  6. vastrange - well, I have two children - a son and a daughter, and I love them both equally, even though they are different, and these guitars are kind of like that :)

    I think the Blacktop Jaguar is a better harder rock machine. You can get some really cool sounds out of the Jazzmaster. My first electric guitar, bought new, by my Dad on an 18 percent interest loan for $600 (he also got a Peavey Deuce amp) was a 76 Stratocaster, in natural blond wood with a black pickguard... and that was a CBS crap quality instrument (although I did not know that at the time). I don't have it anymore, but I do remember enough about the quality that these MIM Jagmasters are really good guitars. I mean scary good for the price.

    They are hot sounding, the pickups really scream if you push 'em. Pots are poo, but I'll live with the limitations for now. I don't think I'd change anything on the guitars otherwise.

  7. Picked this up on Black Friday, a Jaguar HH... my first (and last) Fender solid body guitar was a new 76 Strat (yeah, I'm old). It was a POS, one of those CBS abominations, but I held onto it for years because, well, it was my first electric, and my Dad, who was poor as a church mouse, took out a $600 loan in 1977 @ 18% interest to buy that guitar and a Peavey Deuce so I had an electric guitar to play in jazz band in high school.


    I love this guitar. Its much nicer than my cheapo Ibanez solid bodies, which I'm selling so I can pony up cash for a Jazzmaster...

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