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  1. my parents gave my first electric guitar for my 15th birthday ,it was a brand new 1965 white mustang along with a princeton ,i was playing in a band where the nearest in age to me was 35 thay were all jealous and i got quite a ribbing for being the rich kid,mostly good natured exept for one, who after a gig and getting me quite drunk took the guitar from the case and tossed it into the woods. when the police found it six months later it had painted over [badly ] and had a busted neck, well i was heartbroken my mother took me to the music store to see about having it fixed, while the repairman was checking it out i played several fenders that were on display .witch led to ask "will any of these necks fit my guitar ?" to witch i got i think so. after a slightly heated debate with my mother i pointed to the jaguar and said ill take that one. after forty some odd years i still remember that neck as being one the sweetest i have ever played next to maybe the rickenbaoker. two years ago i was telling that story to a guy at a music store i was floored when he said "do you want to buy one ?". although it looked completely different than mine it had the feel i would even say ,and have ; that it is magical ,although i have been playing for over 50' years i have taken a new interest in the guitar i have become three times faster ,more inventive ,obsessed ,in short i cant put it down .i have become 15' again instead of using the guitar to find girls i can't wait to find that next lick
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