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  1. My jaguar didn't have the grub screw but the knob was pretty tight, I eventually got it off by just pulling on it. My hand hits the volume knob sometimes when I'm strumming and loosens the nut on the pot. After dealing with a loose volume knob for a few years I finally pulled off the knob and tightened the nut. Now its as good as new!
  2. Welcome to the forum, I'd say to take off the neck and see if there is a fender stamp and a serial number on it. Most likely it's a copy. It might just have a replacement neck. I'm no expert but most of the guys on here know their ####, hopefully you get an answer from one of them.
  3. Anyone have Soundcloud accounts? i have one where i post random covers i play when im jamming, nothing too spectacular... ill be sitting around bored listening to a band, say i want to play that song and record it after acouple tries. Probably not the best technique but meh. Most of the songs are recorded with my Galaxy S4 which has surprisingly good sound quality. P.S. if you listen to my D7 cover please forgive my horrible Mark Arm-esque is he was sick... "AHHHHHS!" Here's my link: https://soundcloud.com/travisbishop-1 Also have my old bands page (we messed up timing on Anuerysm it was my drummers going away party (he joined the Navy) and we were all pretty drunk lol (only song i sing in this band)) : https://soundcloud.com/rcjumpingtacos Look forward to listening to everyones stuff
  4. Scroll down to the reissue section and find your serial. From what I found it was made in Corona, California and they started making these reissues in '82. http://www.guitarrepairbench.com/guitar-dating/fender-serial-number.html
  5. Go to photobucket.com upload your pics then copy and paste the html link for forums
  6. I would take it to a shop and get it professionally set up.
  7. Yeah I just don't want to trade any of my guitars and don't have the funds to buy a new guitar. I've seen lots of crazy boutique pedals like the sitar one that work amazingly and thought there might be a decent way to emulate a hallow but you brought forth some good points. It would be a fun experiment haha
  8. So I was listening to White Stripes today and I realized how much I love the sound of a hollowbody. I've played a few and I like them alot but I've never owned one. But I was thinking, is there a pedal that makes a solid body sound like a hollow? Like the acoustic simulator pedals, can you set it to sound inbetween? Interested in hearing your responses.
  9. http://www.fender.com/support/articles/u-s-instruments-product-dating/ Here's the serial number dating but I don't see E6 anywhere.
  10. I think the mustang trem arm is the same as the jags, unthreaded, any pics? Sounds like a nice buy regardless of any changes from stock.
  11. They both look really good man, im jealous.
  12. They both look really good man, im jealous.
  13. Thats pretty sick dude can definitely hear the Korn, Nirvana, maybe Manson influences.
  14. How much is the guitar worth alone? Idk how much his signature is worth since he is still alive and there's a lot of them.
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