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  1. I've always felt the neck pickup has a good "surfy" sound but is a tad to thin sounding by itself. And while I agree that the humbucker by itself doesn't sound that great, when coupled with the single coil, I've always thought the addition of the humbucker is subtle enough to just embellish the single coil wound, only making it a little thicker. I'm no expert, by any means, so I'm curious if any of you guys agree with my thoughts about the humbuckers. I've long wondered if the neck pickup is similar to a mustang single-coil, since the rest of the jag-stang is basically a mustang with a bigger, heavier body. A number of years back, I played around at a local guitar store with a mustang, and I kept being surprised at how thin and chintzy it sounded, but other than that I didn't get a good sense of the sound of the guitar. My conclusion was that the jag-stang's bigger body gives it a thicker sound than a mustang has; and like I said, I wondered if the mustang pickups were similar to the jag-stang's neck pickup anyway. But I guess you guys don't think this is the case? Any thoughts? If you do think they sound pretty different, how might you describe the difference in the sounds of the pickups? Thanks, guys! I'm eager to hear feedback about this!
  2. Sorry, the stock pickups in the jag-stang. I know lots of people don't like them, but I'm curious what you all think about how they compare to Mustang pickups. Thanks!
  3. Awesome, thanks for your guys' input! Much appreciated!
  4. In your opinion, or anyone else who might be reading this post, how do you think the pickups sound compared to a Mustang's pickups?
  5. Just thought i'd move this back to the top in case anyone has any thoughts on this subject.
  6. Is the point just to clean the fretboard or also to moisten the wood to keep it fresh?
  7. I read that book by Michael Azzerad about 16/17 years ago (it's shocking to me to that it's been that long) when I was 14. I remember it talking about the jag-stang, because that was the first time I ever heard about it. And I'm pretty sure that was before the jag-stang had actually gone into production by fender. Does anyone happen to know what that book says about it? Just curious.
  8. That seems like a really cool guitar manufacturer. Their Jaguar copies look awesome. And if the guitars are genuinely good like you say, the pricing is awesome. How do you your strat and jazz copies compare to actual fender versions?
  9. Wow, you guys have been super helpful. I really appreciate the input. One quick question: Why do both of you use lemon oil instead of so-called "fretboard conditioner" that they sell at guitar stores? Thanks again!!!
  10. Hi, I hope I'm not irritating anyone by posting my question in this section of the forum boards. I just dug out a guitar that I haven't played in a long time and changed the strings. Then it occurred to me that I should probably have applied some fretboard conditioner. My question is, how frequently does fretboard conditioner need to be applied? I think I applied some to the fretboard conditioner about two years before I completely stopped using it, and a year before that, I didn't play it very often. So this leads to the other thing I'm wondering. Do fretboards dry out with time and need conditioner for that reason, or is it use that removes the oil? Do any of you guys use fretboard conditioner? If so, how do you decide when it's time to use it? Any help will be much appreciated!!!
  11. Does anyone have any idea why there are so few Duo Sonics for sale on eBay while there are a ton of Musicmasters? Isn't a Duo Sonic the same thing as a Musicmaster but with an extra pickup? And am I mistaken, or do the musicmasters seem to be priced higher on average than the Duo Sonics? Why would that be the case?
  12. Wow, the most tragic part is, after all those years, you never learned to write proper english that makes any sense. I'm assuming you've never read a book, right?
  13. You should get a Danelectro. Those are light as hell, sound great, and are in the same realm of guitar sound that you seem to prefer. I am crazy about mine. On a separate note, is their no way to rebreak your fractures and set them so they heal properly? Sorry to hear about you misfortune, man.
  14. I played a jagmaster at a store a number of years ago. It was a piece of crap. I didn't plug it in, but it felt and played like junk. Then I picked up a jaguar and the difference in playability was astronomical.
  15. The third guitar pictured in the post at the very top, the one that almost even looks like a sonic blue jag-stang -- I played one of those a few months ago at a guitar show that was here in town. I actually was pretty damn impressed by the guitar. I think it was only about $450, and it sounded and played awesome. It seemed really well made. If was actually in the market for a new guitar. I would seriously consider that guitar. I forget what it's called, and they don't even give the name of it on the Alden website. I guess you already made up your mind about Alden, and that Bronco looks cool, I guess. But for anyone else who is interested, you really couldn't do much better for a vintage-sounding and feeling guitar that is brand new, very well made anywhere close to that price. I'm sure your Bronco is cool, but let's face it -- it's a Bronco. This blue guitar is the real deal.
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