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  1. She's proof that enough money can make anybody look ok, cause she was a certified dumper before.
  2. he could even bleach the wood, that would kill most of the smell. this guy just threw money away, like the guy who chucked the pickups in Tim's Telecaster. What's wrong with people? I sold a Jagstang neck for $150 or $175 last year, and it sold right away.
  3. i think all the evidence points to this being original Yup, which just shows Fender Japan and the Japanese market for Fender both produces all sorts of variations domestically and orders special editions. It doesn't suprise me at all. Yet I can't figure out how America is so stale in comparison, having a much bigger market and probably an equal number of obsessed guitar fans. I know the Japanese are serious enthusiast in whatever they fancy be it sneakers(trainers), records, or whatever.
  4. when there is no case, you just have to insist they double box it. If they put it in a correct Traingle box so it fits snug, and then in a larger rectangle box with peanuts or foam cushion, you have nothing to worry about.
  5. http://asphaltlove.com/thejagdressingroom.html and a Fender XII one is coming too.
  6. Dude seriously, what's up with your Pictures or Mockups they all look crooked. I know your handle is Cross, but you're making me cross-eyed. Isn't the bridge suppose to line up like so?
  7. I started my engineering career on the drafting board (not cad) and owen's sketches are pretty damn good! Rob that Bronco looks sweet as hell.... To Rob, Aug & DDDave, how good / bad is that trem? Pros? Cons? It's so funny you mention that. I got a drafting table for my friend on craigslist, atleast once a week there is somebody on there giving one away as all the old schoolers finally realize they only use their computers. So basically we're going to be ####ed if "The Man" shuts down electricty .
  8. The trem cavity on that Jagstang looks crooked. If you draw a line right down the center of the neck pocket does it land right down the middle of the bridge and trem cavity, because it looks totally off. Maybe it's the angle of the picture, it doesn't look like it lines up at all.
  9. The sketches look pretty decent to me from a drawing standpoint, you must be an amazing draftsman to find those sucky.
  10. I already told you what i thought on Im, so I'll take this spot to say: John Robert Rumsey is releasing the suck on a bunch of threads.
  11. I got it off a Ferrington page I can't find now, that had some of the guitars he built for Famous people.
  12. here's a picture I had on my hardrive.
  13. I have the ferrington book but no scanner, sorry. It's an amazing book, the book itself is shapeded irregular and has loads of cool acoustics and electrics. On eBay USA you can usually get it for $10-15 shipped, although you're not in the States, so I don't know if that's an option.
  14. It's on youtube, why would you want to download it. It's there to see whenever. When I get a new video now I throw it on youtube and erase it from my computer. Saves my hardrive space.
  15. hahahaha I did post that, yup.
  16. that looks pretty good bro, good job.
  17. we need a sideview, that's the best way to tell if you did a good job. If you tool up to make pickguards and you charge decent prices, I would buy something from you for sure.
  18. clear coat that thing. Why would you go through all that trouble doing it up all right, and then not put the cherry on top.
  19. http://asphaltlove.5000megs.com/ This is not as cool as the kisakae flash program but it's something.
  20. cord damge or not that guitar has a boring finish.
  21. it's not a Mandolin it's an Octave guitar.....read people.
  22. since that was random here ya go. FLIPPIN SWEET
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