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  1. thanks for all the advice. I will start by checking my things one by one, starting with the amp. And now that I think about it, it could use a tube replacement/service. Hopefully its something as easy as routine maintenance.
  2. ok....after some more screwing around, I definitely think that the pedals cannot handle the output of the JB. I started playing around with the single coil neck pickups in my guitars, and there is absolutely no volume/tone drop when I strum. its weird that the worst pedal out of them all, the ds-2, was the one that could take the output of the pickups. Anyways, does anyone know anything about pedal electronics that would be able to give me some insight?
  3. when I turn down the gain about half way it will not happen but thats disappointing because I usually play with the distortion cranked, and I should be able to have full range. I did a little more investigating with a keeley ds-1 I just got, and it does the same thing, but its only faint, and gets worse as I move my srumming towards the bridge pickup. I also have a silver screw ds-1, and again its very faint(less than the rat and the keeley). Now.......a friend of mine brought over a ds-2, and it didn't happen at all...Im stumped
  4. I'm having a little problem with my vintage 85 proco rat. When I play play the low E string with a little "umph", I am getting a very noticeable volume cut. This only happens right as I pick the string, and the tone will come back when I let the note ring. I play a fender mustang, jag and strat with jb's in the bridge, and I get this with all of them. I've tried playing through a couple of different amps and I get the same thing, and it seems to be more predominant when I pick right over the humbucker. I have checked pickup height it doesn't make any difference. I have other distortion pedals and the only one that gives me this problem is the rat. I had it serviced and checked over by my guitar tech, and everything is good. Is this a problem with the rat or the guitars? has anyone else experienced this problem? Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
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