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  1. I'm looking to get myself a Shin Ei Fuzz Wah at some point but the only ones I've seen on ebay have been a little out of my price range. I've not had much luck tracking down clones, either. Do any of you esteemed gents (and ladies, possibly) have any info on clones that were made? It's something I've wanted for ages but just don't have the knowledge to track down. Thanks in advance.
  2. That's such a broad question - I mean, what type of dirt do you want? Rich, heavy fuzz? Clean bright overdrive? Dense metal tones? They all do something different, so you should have some idea of the sound you want to create first!
  3. Are you comfortable with building your own pedals? I got a One Knob Fuzz built for me recently, really simple little box that packs a huge amount of fuzz. I'm also currently trialling out a bespoke bazz fuss that I had built that gives a surprisingly solid tone for both bass, for which it's intended, and guitar. Worth looking into.
  4. No rig is ever complete... but mine is currently: Guitars: Squier Jagmaster (detuned to hell for Drone stuff) Blacktop Fender Jazzmaster Squier Jaguar bass (Humbucker model, in sweet sweet silver) Amp: Fender Frontman 212r (possibly upgrading in the near future) Pedals: Boss Distortion DS1 Boss Turbo Overdrive OD2 Boss Flanger BF2 Boss Compressor/Sustainer Sonic Pharmacy Moon Patrol FX/feedback looper (with additional 'wormhole' controller) Sonic Pharmacy Ernest Borgnine Fuzz (heavy as hell) Sonic Pharmacy Crumble devolt unit And coming soon: Sonic Pharmacy Earth bass fuzz MXR Blue Box Beyang Baby Boom Time Machine (cheap as can be, but a lot of fun) Beta Aivin DD1 digi delay Of course, this will grow and grow and grow, beyond all control. If anyone is interested in the Sonic Pharmacy stuff, you can find them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sonic-Pharmacy/205768589438011 - Website and demo clips are in the works as we speak. (hope this doesn't count as some sort of advertising that I shouldn't be doing!)
  5. Finally got around to taking a picture of my new stuff The Jagmaster is looking pretty tired. And before anyone worries, that radiator doesn't get used. It's all perfectly safe there.
  6. Having just picked up a Blacktop Jazz, I can honestly say the set up on it is close enough to an actual Thurston custom job - instead of the signature model which he probably doesn't play that much himself. Eather than customising it yourself, you're getting something that's already as tricked out as it needs to be - huge fat tones on the hummer, beautiful rich tones on the soapbar. I was thinking about customising mine a touch, but after careful consideration, I think it's about as customised as it needs to be. But you know, it's up to you! Just make sure you get lots of lovely pictures to show us your handy work!
  7. So... I got my Blacktop Jazz HS yesterday and I have to say, this is a fantastic guitar. Just beautiful tones - also picked up a Frontman 212r to run it through and my god, it's just all sounding fantastic. Best purchase I've ever made, and all at stupidly reasonable prices. If anyone is considering the HS as next purchase... DO IT!
  8. Biggest issue I see here is... do you want the floating trem or not? Blacktop Jag has NO trem at all - if you're planning on building one in, all good, but if not and you want a trem, your decision is pretty much already made by the Classic Player. The lack of trem on the Blacktop Jag was what led me to the HS Jazzmasters - plus that pick up configuration, Single at the front, Hummer at the back, really sold me. They look custom right out of the box.
  9. My set-up is currently incomplete but after March, I'm looking at the following: Guitars Squier JagMaster Epiphone SG Squier P-Bass Some Yamaha acoustic jobby that hasn't had more than 4 strings in about 7 years. And soon... Blacktop Jazzmaster HS Effects Boss DS1 Distortion Boss FL2 Flanger Beta Aivin DD2 DigiDelay Boss OD2 Turbo Overdrive Coming soon... DIY One Knob Fuzz Some old Morley Wah I got given by a friend (god knows what it is other than that) A Zoom thing I got free from another friend Amp Squier 15 practice amp Orange 3w Micro Crush, which I keep on my desk at work. Coming soon... Fender Frontman FM212r 100W It's been a busy time at work with a lot of overtime, so I'm treating myself to some upgrades.
  10. Thanks Lefty! I'm planning on doing some customisation on my Jagmaster once I've got this beauty on the rack, so I may well be asking a lot of really dumb questions in the near future.
  11. Ha, sound advice indeed - I've already had a quick play on one but I'm looking more for long-term build quality issues that I might run into. And a bit of validation from enthusiasts, I guess!
  12. Hi all, I've been scouring the 'net for an affordable Jag/Jazz for a while now and have finally settled on the idea of a Blacktop Jazzmaster HS - I've had a Squier Jagmaster for a while now (which I truly, dearly love - shockingly good for the price!) and have had a play on several vintage Jazzmasters - I think I've found the build for me in the HS but wanted to get some experienced opinions and background on the differences. I've already been in discussion with an expert on the matter that says this is the way to go at the budget I'm on, but I'm now looking for a few more perspectives. First out, I love the pickup selection that's been made here - for the sort of thing I'm doing, the humbucker and the single coil are going to give me the versatility I need and of course, the bridge and trem set up are looking fantastic to me - it might take me a while to adjust to a floating trem, but for the price, this seems a no-brainer - I can pick one up for £455, which is stupidly reasonable. Has anyone had any bad experiences with this model? I don't think there's a lot that's going to sway my decision at this point, but I'd just like to hear from others, really. Oh and if you don't have any horror stories on the HS to share, please feel free to tell me just how awesome it is! Thanks guys, c.
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