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  1. Sunburst/white univox hi-flier phase-1 or phase-2. Fiesta red jagstang. Lake placid blue mustang. Sunburst/black stratocaster with 3 single coil pickups. Epiphone sg(red or black). Blond telecaster. Fender cyclone. Possibly Thurston Moore jazzmaster. 30's stella acoustic.
  2. I think a hotrail would sound/look pretty good on a jagstang.
  3. I voted for the second Jaguar. I don't really like the pickups in the first one (even though you said you planned on changing them anyway) or the color. It seems like everyone has a black jaguar these days. The second one though is beautiful I love the sunburst and the tort pickguard goes with it really nice. I also think the dimarzio humbucker you want to put in it would sound great and despite being used this guitar is a little cheaper so thats a plus too.
  4. Hey thanks everyone for your advice. I'll See about the geetars and straps you suggested. Also that ibanez is pretty sweet looking.
  5. Heya. Im a girl actually. My names Erin nice to meet you. The danelectro's actually are pretty nice I know Frank Discussion from the feederz uses one. Sounds pretty cool clean. Its a mess actually. I worked as a laboror lifting 50lbs all day then I got in that accident the doctor took an x ray of my arm instead of my shoulder told me to take motrin and go back to work the next day. So I had to work months like that and no one believed me like, it took me forever to even dress myself. The pain never stopped and I was sick of it went to a different doctor who didnt believe me then I showed
  6. Uhm, last winter I got into a car accident and messed up my left shoulder pretty bad the hospital screwed up the xrays told me there was nothing wrong and I found out months later that it was actually broken and fractured in 3 places. Because of this my shoulder healed wrong and sticks out more. It causes a lot of pain for me when Im at band practice and playing my Jaguar(which is pretty heavy in my opinion). So i was wondering whats a decent lightweight guitar? I really want a univox hi flier phase 2 I know their pretty light. Maybe telecasters? Also I was wondering if there are any guitar
  7. I don't like the way the guitars look. I'll stick with my real jaguar, that isnt an ugly color and probably plays or sounds better because it's not a squier. I'm not completely dismissing these guitars though they may sound decent and probably more affordable their just not my style.
  8. I personally dont like squiers. I do, however, like the input jacks on strats, so it makes perfect sense to me that it would be the only thing I like on these geetars. Whatever, to each her/his own. The only other thing these guitar's would be useful for is puncturing a speaker or maybe a baseball bat. Because its just so gawd awful. Again, just my opinion.
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