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  1. I just came up on a VOX ac50 2x12" combo and its obviously a great amp but still leaves something to be desired (for me). I also have an Orange AD30 which I absolutely love, I guess I thought the VOX would have better brights but it's almost too bright and clean adn the gain is almost to driven-I read reviews and people said the amp works great with pedals but I woudl have to disagree. I plan on spending some more time with teh VOX before I put it back on CL but wanted to see how others think VOX and Orange compare to eachother (hopefully this doesnt digress into a VOX vs Orange debate)...also, if your'e near Santa Barbara, CA and want a practically new VOX AC50 with upgradeed tubes let me know:)
  2. spiro-is it possible to put smaller pickups in a jag (i.e. strat single coils into a jag pickguard)? I was thinking I could modify the pickguard to make them fit but not sure what the ramifications of this might be. Seymour Duncan has limited jag pickups available and none of them are stacked single coils which is what I want to use...
  3. anyone tried the dual terror? its basically a Tiny Terror and A Dirty terror in one, right? good clean channel as well as a good drive channel..I haven't played one but have heard good things about hem. I just got the Orange AC30 2x12 combo (used) and can't believe how amazing it sounds-especially at high volumes. I could geek out on how perfect the sound is forever but I won't, I will say that this thing will blow any comparable amp out of the water though....
  4. so I've finally gotten around to getting ready to put new PUP's in the Jaguar but realized that standard strat-sized PUP's wont fit into the Jaguar pickguard, they would be too small by about 1/2" or so. My goal is to use the single coil pickguard with stacked Seymour Duncan single coils but now I don't know if I will be able to put anything in the Jaguar pickguard other than a Jaguar pickup, any advice/experience with this issue? do I have to use Jaguar PUPs in the jaguar or is it possible to use a strat/mustang single coil?
  5. I just quit playing bass with my old band and have started my own thing where I can actually play guitar. I have a Tiny Terror @ home, played through an Orange cabinet with the 12" celestion but I think I need some more watts for live shows. Has anyone used the Dual Terror? Is it just the same thing as the TT but twice the watts? does it sound the same? lemme know, thanks! p.s. any suggestions on some other good 30-50 watt tube amps in the $500 range? I have a modified Blues jr. and am happy with it, maybe I'll go to the blues deluxe but doubt it...
  6. I am going to put some new pickups in my Jaguar as well as my Mustang. The jaguar is a CIJ HH special, and the Mustang is a reissue from 95-96 (I think): 1. Does anyone know what king of p'ups are in the Mustang (they're the stock single coils) and 2. are these going to be close to what would be stock in a standard Jaguar? I am thinking of removing the neck p'up in my mustang and putting it in the bridge of my jaguar but would only do this if the mustang single coils are comparable to the stock Jaguar's...
  7. I'm looking at the vox ac4tv for my home and wondering what people think of the mini and the 10" vox? have you plugged it into a cabinet or just through the stock speaker? I'm curious how these amps sound through a good cab (i.e. a 12" orange celstion)...the reviews make it sound like the tubes are great but the speakers leave something to be desired; I don't really care about the stock speaker, just how compatible these things are with a speaker cabinet.
  8. At the risk of sounding crass or naieve; aside from the pickups, how are jaguars and jazzmasters different? Jags have the kill switch but otherwise seems like the same guitar/wiring as a jazzmaster, only with different types of switches...right?
  9. I just bought a Goldtop Gibson Les Paul 60's tribute w/ P-90s (is it taboo to talk about gibsons here?)...I read some good reviews on this guitar and some bad so I decided to try a few out at GC. Wow, in my opinion, this is an insane guitar for only $850 (I got mine for $780 out the door)-get one if you can...
  10. I bought a jaguar pickguard prepped for single coils and everything looks like it will line up. I still haven't decided which pups to put in so i haven't taken it apart to confirm but I am confident that the single coil pickguard will work with little to no modifications, I'll give updates as I go...
  11. Any recommendations on switching out tiny terror tubes or modifying the amp altogether? I know that the stock tubes are good (right?) and I like the sound but at times it is just too clean. Now they have the dark terror which is probably rad but I'm not going to buy one since they're like $600+...anyone out there modified their tiny terror?
  12. Anyone have any experience with either of these amps? anyone compared the two soundwise? I am thinking of getting one but not sure which is best....I have a Tiny terror which I am happy with but want something with a bit more crunch when I feel like it, any thoughts?
  13. I just saw a photo of a black jag with white pickguard; first photo in the gallery. I'll probably order a white pickguard prepped for single coils...
  14. I was thinking the P-90 route as well (I have them in my jazzmaster, love 'em) but wanted to achieve the classic jaguar look...who knows what I'll do. I was actually thinking p-90 in the bridge and JB4 in the neck but we'll see. Is there a single coil sized P90? I have to say, this is my 3rd MIJ/CIJ and I am starting to see why Japanese Fenders have such a good reputation-the finish is perfect on them and the electronics are impeccable (from what I've seen so far). The necks are soo much smoother than MIM's and the yellow finish they have as compared to the clear finish on MIM/USA is, to me, way better. Anyone know if they make black Jags with white pickguards? HNB, yes, it is a stoptail not a tremolo, which would be cool...am I limited to what pickups I can select if the pots are only 500k? can/should pots be upgraded?
  15. got a tiny terror and 12" orange cab--sweet setup, thanks for the advice (I knew I was going to get one all the while, I just wanted to hear positive feedback to reassure my saving up:))
  16. so I pulled out the mustang to look at the nut and to my surprise it was pretty much in tune....I have a Gibson Les Paul Special that mysteriously started going out of tune as well which made me realize that these are the 2 guitars that I had taken on my last two trips to my parents house in Palm Springs, the guitars were always in their case in my trunk for the drive. The Les Paul is starting to stay in tune again so I think the issue was less my guitars' fault than it was mine; crazy heat will do crazy things to wood and I can only assume that either the necks warped and slowly came back or the strings got f'd up in the heat...dunno/don't care. I do know, however, that my guitar case will be joining me and my girlfriend in the car on all future trips to Palm Springs:) Thank you for all your replies, I now know that there is such a thing as nut sauce! by the way, just bought a used CIJ Jaguar special HH...sweet guitar/####ty pup's
  17. I just bought my first Jaguar and really like it (although the stock humbuckers are kinda weak). I have been researching the guitar a bit and can't tell if there are differences (aside from the pickups) between my CIJ Jaguar HH special and regular, single coil Jaguars. From what I can tell the wiring is the same but there have been a few sites that say otherwise, any insight? This leads to my next question which should really be a whole new topic: I want to put single coils into the HH Jaguar so I am curious if by doing so will I essentially have an authentic/classic jaguar? Any suggestions on PUP's? Can I put single coils underneath the metallic humbucker plates or should I just get a new, single coil pickguard and start fresh?
  18. I got an orange and haven't looked back, the thing is sick (tiny terror w/ 12" orange cab)...thanks for the replies.
  19. thank you for the tips, I will take a look at it this weekend...unfortunately I just threw the thing under the couch and went back to my strat so hopefully I can get it fixed myself and start playing the stang again. By the way, I installed new tuners in it so I'm pretty sure its not the tuners, unless they're bad out of the box. I didn't notice the tuning issue with the old tuners (aftermarket, locking tuners that came on the guitar)-is there a chance that the tuners got installed poorly and that is causing the issue? They seem good/solid to me and are "All Parts" fender tuners, same as what comes stock on a mustang...
  20. I have a 95/96 MIJ mustang that won't stay tuned. I had this issue with 9 gauge strings so I went to 10 gauge but the problem persists. Is this the guitar or the tuners or the strings? Is this a common issue for mustangs? I have a Jagstang that stays in tune just fine with 10 gauge strings......thanks!
  21. I ended up using some tuners from All Parts that look exactly like what's on my Jagstang and look like they are exactly what was on the mustang...the holes were enlarged which I tried to compensate fro with tape, this just made the sound dead though so I took the tape off and just glued them to the neck, works like a charm
  22. I am thinking about putting a tone tubby into my fender vibro champ but read some bad revies (and plenty of good ones)-does anyone have any experience with tone tubbys? any suggestions?
  23. I want to get an Orange amp but can't shell out $500 for right now, but also don't want to settle for a solid state. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've searched around and it looks like the cheapest tube they make is the AD-5, which is $500...I have two fender champ amps, the vibro and the super-any suggestion on making these sound more orangy?
  24. does anyone know where to purchase the fender tuners that come on the Jag-stang (at least on my jagstang)-they have a rosette-looking backplate (not the diamond or standard 'F' tuner)-thanks
  25. My mustang was modified with sperzel locking tuners by the original owner and I want to put fender tuners back on it but am having a hard time finding the correct ones. The indent on the back of the neck is the same tuner as I have on my Jag-stang...it looks like a rosette (that is the only way I can describe it). It's not the standard 'F' tuner or the one with a diamond backplate; does anyone know where to get these?I'm having a hard time...thanks
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