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  1. well... if you ever want to sell either of those lefty jags. Get at me!
  2. picked up an early 70s Traynor 2x15 for $120. I'm using it "for now"
  3. Just found out the Green Matamp is from 98' not 05'. And thanks Foxyloxy!
  4. Got this in the mail Thursday! 2005? Green/Matamp Legend 140.
  5. Post yours! or your favourite.... left-handed, right-handed, 12 string, 6 string, let's go!
  6. looks fantastic man. Like I said... your builds are always great and creative.
  7. Yeah, I dig Dino Jr and some Foo Fighters. Just had to throw my opinion in there, my mom used to play "The Joshua Tree" all the time, it was horrible. August Burns Red? Guitar work? weird.
  8. I have a very diverse taste. U2 is a no no for me. August Burns Red? man... really? awful haha. That band has played around my area several times, I hate that whole trendy "metal core" scene, it's so repetitive and ridiculous.
  9. yeah... this has had my vote for best looking Stang' for a while.
  10. I've never tried a Jazzmaster before, the fact that it isn't a short scale turns me off altogether. But hey... maybe one day I'll be into it! sea foam is the coolest colour in my opinion haha. Post pictures of yours!
  11. I started playing bass, I still do. Sometimes. Since I'm lefty and I was like... 12 or 13 at the time and had no job, I played a right handed Squier P-Bass upside down, strings and everything were strung right handed. I eventually got it turned over.. then I borrowed a friends Epiphone Les Paul, played it upside down, strung right handed, mostly played in drop tunings so that I could play bar chords so it was easier haha. I traded the Les Paul for a Lefty Epiphone SG, and that's when I started playing for real I guess. I've had a couple of guitars since then, I really didn't like the SG. Now I'm playing a Jag and couldn't be happier! been playing for about 6-7 years, I have no reason to ever stop either.
  12. $600.00? get a Peavey VTM 60 OR 120. It's essentially a Marshall JCM 800 clone. They rule big time.
  13. Got my pickup from The Pickup Wizard yesterday... sounds REAL good in the neck. I'm looking to try out some Bare knuckles and Klein!
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