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  1. When I originally showed interest in playing guitar, I was "playing" left handed. I write and throw right handed, but play golf, hockey, and hit a baseball left handed. In the long run, it'll probably benefit him more if he learns to play right handed. One, the guitars will be cheaper, and two, as you said, it makes fretting things a bit easier.
  2. (Search Bar'd: Found nothing) I just got a new Jaguar, and while playing with it, found that the Trem-Loc system was too loose, after reading this (http://www.webrocker.de/jaguar/cms/...tremolo-system/) walk-through a few times, I decided to try it myself. The problem is, I can't get it tight enough to prevent it from locking extremely easily (I don't have to apply any pressure to the lock button) without it creaking. Any ideas/helps/tips/experiences? Thanks.
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