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  1. Well i decided for .01UF but the problem is still there :s. I watched these diagrams: http://www.aulaactual.com/especiales/circuitos1/circuito2.gif http://www.premierguitar.com/issue/webexclusive/images/200702_telewiringtricks_3.jpg Mine have that additional cap at volume knob, but is not .001uf, its .022uf, would this be causing the trouble??? I want to replace it for the correct value and do that 50's wiring on the second URL, what do you think bout it?
  2. Smaller or higher??? 0,022 > 0,015 > 0,01 > 0,003 the smaller value is .003uf, or did you mean smaller than .022uf already on the circit??? Anyway .003uf is too small then?? If that gives lots of usability of the tone knob is then recommended or not? that's actually my doubt: 0,003uf is too low then?
  3. I was thinkin about 0,003uf. Will that make it too bright?? I`ve read: ''The 0.022uF value is still the standard today. If you need very dark and bassy tones, this value may work for you. For most of us, however, this value is much too large and the effect is more or less useless, resulting in the aforementioned problem of the effect only taking place between 10 and 8. The solution to the problem is simply a tone cap with a much smaller value. This little change will enhance the usability of your tone control dramatically, giving you a good evenness among the complete taper of the tone control
  4. Hello, i'm new at this forum and i need advice about the value of the capacitors on jaguars and mustangs, thats because i want to change the one in mi guitar (jtk4, .0022uF. I just saw jaguar's are .003 but i got confused if they're this or .01, wich one os better if i want to emulate (at posible) the tone of a jaguar? I also want versatility in tone, cause i play from jazz to alternative/experimental. Thank yo very much.
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