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  1. Yes, it will fit. it's going to sound VERY aggresive. much hotter than anything Kurt ever used.
  2. does the grub screw for the trem bar screw in tight or is it loose? i ask because i found a screw that goes into my 78 mustangs screw hole but is kind of tight when it turns, i only put it in a tiny bit to see if it fit and took it out, i dont think it should be tight in there right?
  3. I just wanted to chime in and say that this guide really helped out in my struggle agaisnt my 78 mustangs vibrato. thanks alot man! i keep the bar around 80 something degrees off vertical, works like a charm with all the vaseline i put on the contacts. i also put some vaseline ont he rocking bridge at the bottom, i figured it couldnt hurt.
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out how I should set up my Mustang in terms of the bridge and vibrato. At first I set it up the way I was told was the right way, i set up the action and raised the tailpiece until the trem bar was parallel to the body. This let me use the bar to raise and drop the pitch. I then decided i dont have much use for the trem since it detunes my guitar anyway, so i brought the tailpiece all the way down and last night i tapped up the bridge so it wouldnt pivot. I'd like to have use of the trem, but I use alternate tunings. I sometimes tune my guitar to standard, drop d and half step down and half step down dropped D. is there a way for me to use all those different tension tunings and have the trem be usable, or at least have the guitar stay in tune with the trem floating?
  5. All original. The previous owner had put a lil 59n in the bridge for some reason. stupid. i took it out and put the stock fender single coil and... it sounds like an old guitar. In a very good way! weak ass 5-6k single coils. I'm loving it.
  6. All i did was set the tailpiece as low as possible and set the springs to max tension. and take off the vibrato bar.
  7. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. My 66 reissue keeps breaking e strings at the ball end. what gives? how do i avoid this?
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