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  1. Thanks!! Hey what guitar is that in your avatar? looks like a Renaldo jazzmaster body????
  2. There is basically a "sweet spot". When you remove the original tail piece (gibson style stop tail) there is two big holes in the body. The new Jaguar tremolo tail covers up these holes within 1/10 of a mm. If you move the bridge down a hair, the holes will show, if you move it up, the holes will show, left, the holes will show...etc Getting the angle correct was pretty much just luck though
  3. Still have the stock pots in there. It sounds good hooked up to "virtual" amps in Logic, but I still need to give it the real test through my Mesa
  4. Well, the main thing I wanted was a Frankenstein guitar, and the black painted headstock. I got the Jag HH for free, and so far have paid $100 in parts for the tailpiece, the two single coil pickups and the new mint green pick guard. The classic players are awesome, but I dont think there is an option for a black one at the moment so using the HH special edition was a good option for me I just got the pickups wired up, now waiting for the pick guard which is supposed to arrive today, ill post pics asap!
  5. Standard strat/tele cases will not work, I have tried many of them, and they have never worked. Jazz bass cases will work though, or you can get the hard shell case that SKB makes specifically for the jaguar too!
  6. Awesome! thanks for the feedback. I am installing a fender 66 vintage single coil jaguar pickup in the neck, and a classic player hot single coil in the bridge
  7. Is changing the pots required though? I would like to avoid that if possible. Can the pots that came on this HH model, work with Single coil pickups?
  8. Great stuff in here! This is my Renaldo Jazzmaster:
  9. some awesome guitars here! Heres some of my blacktop Jaguar:
  10. Hey guys, I got tired of the modern look of my MIJ Jaguar HH, and wanted to convert it to a more vintage style. So far I have installed the tremolo, which required drilling a hole in the body to accommodate the spring and plate connected to the tremolo tailpiece Mods on their way: -66 Vintage RI neck pickup -Classic player single coil Bridge pickup -Mint green pickguard I need some advice on installing the new single coil pickups though. I have never done this, but I am assuming all I need to do is cut the humbuckers wire and solder the single coil wire into the existing line. Is it re
  11. I just toured for 3 months with a Renaldo Jazzmaster and two blacktops- A Jaguar and a Jazzmaster, and I absolutely loved the blacktops! They never broke down, always stayed in tune and had great tone. Highly recommended, especially for the awesome price!
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