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  1. Yeah, the thing is I've been looking on BT's because of the Tremolo, that almost is a must for an offset. I dont know anything about routing and dont have a place to make these stuff anyway, but I got lots of time. How much would it cost to pay someone to rout it for me and how much would this gear cost?
  2. Ain't that the old one? Though a new model would be a bit diff. Anyways, the thing is, why I'm hesitating about buying my first offset is this; The neck pickup controlboard. The squier and the Blacktop model misses this featuring. But is it necessary? How often do you who has it use it? I heard a demo on the Tube and damn, that is a good fat sound and I dig it enormously. Thoe, fir my first offset (first guitar to be correct) would i need it, or should i just jump on the Offset-train with an beginners one? HELP!
  3. #### didnt pickone up for the last past weeks! Flue and stuff at work makes me a occupied dude. Never the less I'm still up for the Jazzy, but! BUT! Over at OSG i saw some people talking about a new J. Mascis sig JM? And that this was a Squier take on? I think I'll rather be waiting for that and maybe get a stock Trem right on?
  4. That helped alot, and I know the difference between maple and rosewood aint that huge like in old times. Think the Jazzmaster will be mine in the end of the next week! Ty!
  5. You're right. But would the maple fretboard (dispute pup's) stop me for getting a warm and fat sound, like Kyuss or Fu Manchu, even if I changed the pups?
  6. I was downtown and tried the Jazzmaster today and Wow! Even if I didnt plug it in, still wow! Great neck, felt like it was made for me and great weight of the whole guitar. Was much more satisfied with the Jazzmaster then the Jaguar, but that just me. The only problem now is if I would be satisfied without the tremolo and maple neck. Read before that the holes for the stall is not the same as for a fender JM tremolo, must fill up and make new. Maple, how would it work for doom metalish music? big nono?
  7. http://musikborsen.se/itempg.aspx?id=969451&artno=177848 I've got a Yamaha Acoustic (see link) that I love, the neck is just the right size for me! The thing is that I've always wanted a Electric guitar and of course an "offset". Now I finally got a steady job and got money to spend, money to spend on me! So when I saw that Squier did release these guitars last month I was thrilled to try one out, this would be the first time with an offset for me. I went to the shop to get my hands on the Jazzmaster, to see if it was as fun to play as it was to adore. To my disappointment I didnt f
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