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  1. Thanks dude. It turns out it was my amp. And yes, they Polychorus (vintage and reissue) both have 2 different outputs. I only use the "effect out" output plugged directly into my amp. I'm not sure what the second output is for, as I could never get it to work with my rig.
  2. I ended up buying the bridge, and I've left it with my tech to install in my Mustang. He said it will work nicely, but will requier a little drilling to properly fit. Thats the reason I didn't get the ABR was because of how much tape it would require to get it to fit snug.
  3. Cool man. I'll post pics. I'd like to see your 'stang too when its done.
  4. I dropped my Mustang off with my tech a few days ago, and went with the SH4. He said it would be a better choice. He said that the spacing would be better than the TB4. I also went with the Gotoh TOM. He's going to have to drill, but he said it would work out nicely in the long run.
  5. Since I'm getting a Gotoh TOM put in, do you think using the SH4 instead of the TB4 would be ok, or not make a difference? I guess what I mean is would the SH4 work since I'm getting a different bridge?
  6. Cool. What pickup are you going to get? Nevermind. Ididn't see that you already posted. I think I'm going to getthe tb4 as well.
  7. Do you think it would work if took the sprngs out completely, and put washers under the existing posts to disable it?
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/GOTOH-LARGE-HOLE-TUNOMATIC-BRIDGE-EPIPHONE-MORE-/220749913972?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item3365b85f74
  9. I've read other formus on here about how to disable the Mustang's trem, but am still confused. Can someone please describle the easiest way of doing this? Step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated. If this matters, I am also planning to flip the tailpiece around to feed the strings directly through for easier restrings. Thanks.
  10. Cool man, thanks for your help. With the tail piece, where did you put the washers to disable the tremolo? I've thought about the TB-4, but am still unsure. Do they sound the same? I talked with my tech at one point about customizing my Mustang, and he said it would be a good idea to shim the neck for a better bridge angle, or the action would be too high on the upper frets. Is this a good idea? And I will definately post pics when it is finished! Won't be for another couple weeks though.
  11. I've had this issue with every Electro Harmonix pedal I've ever owned: my Polychorus reissue, my Polyflange, and my Small Clone. On both clean channel and distorted channel. I have the volume issue most when using a distortion pedal. They boost my volume to the point it is annoying to play with them on. I HATE it, but I love the tones they produce, though, I just would like them to play at the same level as my amp is. How can I do this? Has anyone else had this problem before? My amp is a Raven RG60 or a Raven RG100. I know its not my amps, as my pedals have done this on every other amp I've owned. Both have effects loops in back. I don't know if using them would make a difference or not. I just hook my pedals daisy chained directly into the amp. Could this be a reason why the are so loud? Would the effects loop help cut down on the volume? Maybe is it the way I arrange my pedals? Here is my gear and how I hook it up for reference: Polyflange to Raven RG60, Polyflange to Small Clone, to DS-1 or Delta Labs Rock Distortion, to boss NS-2 noise suppressor, to either a Fender Mustang or Jaguar. Anyone got any suggestions on how can fix this? I'm so confussed and frustrated at the same time.
  12. I'm going to go with the thick posts. I'm also having my tech lock down the tremolo with washers, and remove the springs under the bridge plate, and flip the tail piece around to feed the strings directly through. Also getting a JB SH4 in the bridge and shimming the neck. Basically making it like Kurt's Mustang. And since you seem to know a lot about this kind of stuff, I have another question that I hope you don't mind answering for me: Will all the specs. on the Gotoh #1511 on their website be ok on a Mustang? I'm most concerned about the string spacing...
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