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  1. ok tnx dude! np i just want to know cause im having a lot problems with my js templates but now everything is ok
  2. yup i know! maybe soon i will post a pdf template of jstang
  3. thnx dude! about thicknes i think i can figure out on my own
  4. i think its really possible! cause i see a lot off mods where string bar is replaced by tom tailpiece
  5. how yhick is js body! and what about body/arm contours!?
  6. to measure jagstang scale its needed to measure from centre of saddles or from tailpiece? can anyone plz answer
  7. i asking for that cause i make a tamplate of j.s. an measure from bridge to 24" and my yamaha pacifica neck wich is 25.50" fits! isnt it strange??
  8. i need mustang neck dimension from nut to last fret! can anyone help me?
  9. can anyone can help me find an answer to a question: how long is jagstang neck from nnut to the neck end(last fret)? cause i getting to start a js build and measuring from template bridge an 24" scale the neck measurements are the same with my yamaha pacifica neck!
  10. tnx dude that info really help to me!
  11. can anyone please tell me: *distance between jagstang pickups? *distance from neckpocket to bridge?
  12. a jagstang template really needed can anybody help me???
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