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  1. Neck was built for me from a guy in the US off Ebay. Afraid I dont have the original link but this link should put you in touch with him It's a lovely neck to play has a 9.5" radius and V profile (my choice). It came unfinished (my choice also) and I gave it a light oil finish. Good luck http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150705217296
  2. Hmmmmmm LPB....I can feel a swap offer coming on lol!
  3. Body is 1.75 Charlie, and it's how it came. Didn't know much about Stangs before this build as always played Teles or Strats so wasn't too in the know about the contours but I understand now that the 65's were just a slab and the contours only came in in 69. After looking at others I did think of cutting one in but decided against it and I'm happy with it as it is. Good luck with the build mate, what finish are you doing? I've built several Teles and hand finished them all in oil - love the natural look and feel etc, but on the Mustang I did contemplate a Lake Placid finish which I think looks
  4. Hey Charlie Thanks A guy was advertising right handeds on Ebay so I asked him to make me a lefty which he did for the same price here's the link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Guitar-Body-made-Alder-Ash-your-choice-/250912630875?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item3a6b8ee85b Finding lefty parts was a nightmare - the neck is hand made to short scale. I managed to find a lefty scratchplate but couldn't find a control plate anywhere on the planet so the all in one is hand cut also. Tremolo is standard Fender with the string bar turned around and strung thru the back which works ok apart from the po
  5. Just putting together my lefty Mustang build.Do I need to use thimbles or can they be left out as the holes for the them on the body do not quite match up with the trem plate holes (slight miscalculation on the drilling!). I don't particularly want to have to fill and redrill one of the holes if its not really necessary and the bridge does fit without them. Also after searching far and wide I still cannot find a lefty control plate. Considered making one from matching pickguard material but would rather have genuine Fender chrome. Does anyone have one for sale or know of anywhere to get one?
  6. Hey HNB thanks again, you're the man!
  7. Can the string bar on a Mustang tremolo plate be easily removed and turned round so the trem arm is on the other side for use as a lefty? Appreciate any replies. Thanks
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