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  1. Fender adjusto-matic bridge got the right radius for JS, or Mustang but anyway it puts the string too high. Needed to be rework to fit without neck shimming :-hmmm
  2. HI, "Tune'o'matic bridge, i had to grind the bottom down for it to fit" What kind of TOM did you install - Nashville, Classiacal or Modern? And you said "to grind the bottom" - it means you have got to grind the bottom of the bridge itself to make it put the strings lower. I do no like the idea of shimming the neck to fit it to strings/
  3. Well, I bought this Fender Adjusto-matic from Stratosphere ebay shop. And I planned to install it on my Jag-Stang in order to replace the buzzy stock bridge. Unfortunately I found out that without shimming the neck it won't fit, as it puts the strings too high over neck in normal position. Variable radius of Fender Adjusto-matic is it's main and only advantage, as you got no filing job with saddles because of correct profile. But in general it needs a lot of work to be done if you want it on JS without neck shimming.
  4. robert(original), Yeah, that's right. the bridge produces some parasitical buzz while playing. It only can be distinctivly heard when I'm playing it unplugged, e.g. without any connection to combo or amps. But if it's plugged into my home combo and being played as usual on clean sound or with distortion - so in this case not a bit of buzz noise can be heard. The problem is that this awful buzz indicates the bridge has some bad adjustments. And I'd like to correct this small but unpleasant defect as long as JS currently is my main guitar, and I'd like it to sound without issues like that
  5. upgrading jag-stang

  6. So in case of Jag-Stang this Fender Adjusto-matic will fit too? no file is needed? And I use only 10-52 gauge strings
  7. Why not? Could you explain? I've got the same problem with the JS's bridge as many respectful owners had. There is some buzz noise producing by bridge, especially when playing on unplugged guitar. I know many people changed the stock bridge to tune-o-matic and were pretty glad with the TOM. I only do not know what exactly model of TOM should fit best for JS.
  8. Experts, need your advice which TOM will fit Jag-Stang best: 1)http://www.ebay.com/itm/GOTOH-CHROME-NASHVILLE-TUNEMATIC-BRIDGE-FOR-USA-GIBSON-/330911982547?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item4d0be423d3 2) http://www.ebay.com/itm/WD-Gotoh-New-Style-Nashville-Tune-O-Matic-Bridge-Black-/360487821697?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item53eebfa181
  9. Oh, what do you think about this - so it's true JS had Texas Special Bridge in neck position? "The resulting instrument has an alder body, plus a 24-inch scale maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and vintage-style fretwire. At Cobain's request, Brooks used stock Mustang hardware from Japan, where the guitars are still produced (32) (according to Nirvana guitar tech Earnie Bailey, the bridge was later changed to a Tune-O-Matic (41)). The neck pickup is a single-coil Texas Special, which was originally designed as a bridge pickup for Fender's Stevie Ray Vaughan model. The bridge pickup
  10. So Guys, finally what kind of Texas Special (neck, middle or bridge version) should I put into mine Jag-Stang's neck position? What's most common solution for this? Thx a lot. Just about to upgrade Jag's stock pickup - and the question is only about neck choice //
  11. Hello everybody, could anyone tell me what is specific original string gauge for Jag-Stang? Got mine Jag-Stang (1996-1997 all original) from Ebay and I guess the previous owner put the new set of string on it just for sale, but I doubt they are original size.
  12. Mine Fiesta-Red Jag-Stang 1996-1997 SER# is V014069 Couldn't load the pic of the serial, maybe because I'm a newcomer on this forum. Have anyone met Jag-Stang with a serial number like that -- O080261? It's == O + 6 DIGITS 1993-1994 years of production.
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