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  1. Yeah. I hate the idea of buying a guitar without trying it, but I'm living in Korea right now so that's a little hard. Wish I could run out to a Guitar Center or Sam Ash right now to try out a few.
  2. So I'm deciding between te Classic Player Jag HH and the Blacktop Jag HH. I don't really need all the different tone options in the Classic Player. Besides having less electronics, is there any other reason the Blacktop costs $200 less?
  3. Yeah, it's true. I recorded our first demo with my Telecaster, but I had to play the strings as hard as possible and double track with different gain settings to get a tone that sounded strong enough. Right now, I'm recording with my friend's LP and it's much easier to get that same sound without having to push the guitar as hard. Just wondering if this Jag HH will have that "strength"
  4. I have always really preferred the Fender look and feel over Gibsons. The thing is, I play punk, and while Fenders sound great live, it can be hard to get a heavy enough sound when recording. Right now, I play through the Telecaster '72 thinline semi-hollow reissue. Obviously, it's semi-hollow so it has that hollow sound when recording. I've heard that the non-hollow version sounds a little heavier. I've been reading reviews online and some say that the new Jaguar Special HH (http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0141710305) can get a sound comparable to a Gibson LP or SG. What are your thoughts on this? I live in Korea right now and finding one that I can test out is pretty much impossible. I'm going for that 90s punk sound where it's got a lot of gain/distortion, but still sounds crisp, not fuzzy. Kind of like what Teenage Bottlerocket is doing these days. Their guitar tone in the song "Bigger Than Kiss" is really what I'm going for. I know I could just buy an LP, but like I said, I really don't like the way the wear or the look. Anyway, do you think I'd be able to get a sound like this out of the Jag Special HH live AND when recording? I wouldn't be opposed to switching out the humbuckers if necessary. Just looking for whatever advice, experience, ideas I can get. Thanks.
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