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  1. Isn't it a bit odd that there is no american standard jazzmaster available? I mean the tele and the strats all have one? I always felt that there is a huge gap between the classic player and the american vintage. Any idea's?
  2. Yeah the strat and tele forum are more widly used, but hey.. I'm also gassing for a classic player jazzmaster, you got yours allready?
  3. I have the same issues with my classic player 60's strat. I think the classic player series are great guitars, but they really must see a luthier after you buy em.
  4. I did play the classic player jazzmaster today in a shop faaaar away. I was happy that the guitar felt and sounded like i wanted it to. No problem with the build quality etc, build like a tank. The model in the shop did have a darker grain pattern than usual, on the headstock and back of the neck, but that's a personal taste.
  5. How do you like the classic player? Is the quality etc ok?
  6. i am interested in the fender classic player jazzmaster. I would like to know how the classic player stands out against the american series? any experts on this forum?
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