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  1. I got a hotrail installed in the bridge of my jaguar, and a buzz stop, and this thing where if you pull the volume knob up its a single coil and if its down its a humbucker
  2. Thanks man, looks like I got a lot of work ahead of me.
  3. I heard scales are really the only way to get better at soloing. I know 2 of them I can play them over and over but I don't understand how thats going to make me better at guitar. What scales are good to learn and how can I practice them in a way that I might progress, also how much should I practice them? I heard arpeggios are good to learn too but I dont really understand how they work or to play them..I just want to get better at writing my own stuff and every time I pick up a guitar my mind goes blank I cant come up with anything and I just end up playing other peoples songs..My bands playing a cover show on Saturday but after that were going to go. Back to writing our own stuff and I just want to get better. I dont have a metranome or anything btw and I have very limited access to a computer I pretty much just have the ####ty internet on my cellphone
  4. I like courtney, so i guess its a conflict of interest. Plus im using my phone for internet so the links not working
  5. I don't know slide but always wanted to learn. I think I'd prefer a metal slide over a glass one though
  6. Thats not bad. You can use these in place of a ds-1 or 2 right? I've been looking for a good distortion and everybody has those.. I used to have the ds-1 (I was broke and had to sell it) and now im using my bf's ds-2..I always wanted to try this pedal
  7. I like my jaguars color. Lake Placid Blue with a white pickguard. Seafoam and sunburst are nice too, maybe even black but those are the only colors I really like for Jags. As for Jazzy's I never tried one and don't really care to I prefer the look of jags.
  8. Its kind of stupid the compstang doesn't have a matching headstock..the feista red is really cool though
  9. I've been taking your advice and whenever I'm not working or sleeping I'm trying to practise
  10. I know what you mean. In the song "stain" by Nirvana you can distinctly hear 2 guitars during the solo..Well that makes me feel better I'll give it a shot
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