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  1. I got a hotrail installed in the bridge of my jaguar, and a buzz stop, and this thing where if you pull the volume knob up its a single coil and if its down its a humbucker
  2. Thanks man, looks like I got a lot of work ahead of me.
  3. I heard scales are really the only way to get better at soloing. I know 2 of them I can play them over and over but I don't understand how thats going to make me better at guitar. What scales are good to learn and how can I practice them in a way that I might progress, also how much should I practice them? I heard arpeggios are good to learn too but I dont really understand how they work or to play them..I just want to get better at writing my own stuff and every time I pick up a guitar my mind goes blank I cant come up with anything and I just end up playing other peoples songs..My bands playing a cover show on Saturday but after that were going to go. Back to writing our own stuff and I just want to get better. I dont have a metranome or anything btw and I have very limited access to a computer I pretty much just have the ####ty internet on my cellphone
  4. I like courtney, so i guess its a conflict of interest. Plus im using my phone for internet so the links not working
  5. I don't know slide but always wanted to learn. I think I'd prefer a metal slide over a glass one though
  6. Thats not bad. You can use these in place of a ds-1 or 2 right? I've been looking for a good distortion and everybody has those.. I used to have the ds-1 (I was broke and had to sell it) and now im using my bf's ds-2..I always wanted to try this pedal
  7. I like my jaguars color. Lake Placid Blue with a white pickguard. Seafoam and sunburst are nice too, maybe even black but those are the only colors I really like for Jags. As for Jazzy's I never tried one and don't really care to I prefer the look of jags.
  8. Its kind of stupid the compstang doesn't have a matching headstock..the feista red is really cool though
  9. I've been taking your advice and whenever I'm not working or sleeping I'm trying to practise
  10. I know what you mean. In the song "stain" by Nirvana you can distinctly hear 2 guitars during the solo..Well that makes me feel better I'll give it a shot
  11. Thanks guys. Is it better to learn by playing covers? Or just messing around by yourself?
  12. I do try. Ive been playing for 6 years and i still cant solo. Everyone says practice scales but i dont understand how playing a scale ov er and over help you with soloing like how do you know when to play which notes and how do you improvise. Also, i cant get my fingers to move that fast. Sorry for being naiive I just want to get better and dont know how people have given me suggestions and they just dont work
  13. He was way underated. Rythym and lead. I wish I could solo like him or at all.
  14. They only come right-handed. Also they come in 4 phases. Yeah maybe check out an eastwood they come lefty probably easier to find and cheaper.
  15. I already know pretty much every nirvana song excepting most of the solos. I learned them because they were the easiest to learn and obviously my favorite band..what scales are good to learn?
  16. What are some of your tips for getting better at guitar? Soloing for example..when I try to learn them through tabs I get so lost..and improvising forget about it. Some people say learn scales but I dont understand how practicing a scale over and over again will make you play solos. I dont want to play crazy led zep riffs just have at least some soloing ability. I dont even know where to start or which scales to learn or how to go about doing this at all. Also do I learn a lot of other peoples songs to get my own style or just fool around on my own. The extent of my ability on guitar is nirvana songs. I can play any "nevermind" solo..but the more elaborate ones like on "bleach" or "incesticide" I have no idea..
  17. Nickleback only really have one song..that is to say that all their songs sound the same and are undistinguishable from one another..their lyrics are some of the cheesiest I've ever heard. I dont take anyone seriously who likes nickleback. There one of the most generic unoriginal uberlame "bands" I've ever heard. Saying you like nickleback destroys any bit of credibility you might have. Their singer is a pompous poodle haired moron. You cannot even put nirvana and that trashy redneck band in the same sentence. That guy must have the mentallity of a caveman. What a loser..Im glad he doesnt like nirvana they dont deserve someone like that who obviously wouldnt know good music if it castrated him. And now that were on the subject of castration that nickleback fag is he a female to male to female and back to male again transgender? I honestly cant tell so ill just call it "it". What an embaressment to humanity. Whoever gave that it a guitar and a record deal..oh man.
  18. I have a hot rail in my jaguar and it sounds great cant really vouch for the others though I havent tried them.
  19. What kind of tape do you use? You tape it down on the outside? Yeah its weird before it stayed in now it completley comes out..I know he said he locked out my trem or something because I don't use it. Sorry if these are ignorant questions I know some things and I'm definetly learning more but I don't know half as much as I want to. There's a school where I live that you can train to be a guitar tech and I'm thinking about going.
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