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  1. Hey, thanks, I'll try that thing (breaking the string at the saddle)when I change strings. I basically understood that the lower the note, the thicker the string. But my tuning problem may also come from the fact that it is a plain string (unwound). The set of plain strings came with the JM which initially was aimed at jazz players (hence the plain strings). Kinda weird for a Thurston Moore Signature JM when you think about it, no matter how immense his respect for great jazz players.
  2. Well thanks a lot. I'll read it through. Are some bridges more suited to alternate tunings than others?
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new on the forum and I just bought a Jazzmaster Thurston Moore Signature. This is my first JM. It is brand new. The thing is, I like to tune it in C G D G B E. But I can't seem to be able to tune the lower E string properly. When I tune it in C, the 12th fret is always a little higher (approximately up one eighth of a tone). I moved the saddle back to its max and I can't go further on the adjust-o-matic bridge. The string gauge used is a 0.52. Do you think a more accurate tuning could come with another string gauge? Or do you think another bridge is more adapted to a
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