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  1. If it's an AVRI Jaguar, just push REALLY HARD (but carefully!) If it's CIJ, should fit relatively easily. If it's vintage, I dunno.
  2. Quoting this to say if you were to get these and want to utilize all of the sounds available, you'd have to come up with some crafty new wiring schematic with new switches all over the place. If you want direct drop in replacements (which is misleading to say, because minor soldering will still be required) check out the following: To check the EQ/output specs of Dimarzios: Go to Dimarzio.com, click "Humbuckers" at the bottom left, select Vintage, Medium or High output, select a model, then click the "Sound" button under "Details." At Seymour Duncan: Go here: http://www.seymourduncan.com/
  3. I actually own that. Picked it up for $1000 when Gibson did the Guitar of the Week edition of 400 knowing it was a heavily sought after guitar. Then, because of the popularity, Gibson did a run of 300 of natural, black, and white each (so 900 total) and upped the price to just under $3000. This was about a month after I bought mine, so in the span of a month my investment increased roughly 300%. The price has settled to around $1700 now, but I'm not complaining. But who buys guitars as investments? I did away with the retarded circuit Gibson made stock and added a Jaguar/Jazzmaster roller
  4. Oooo nice. I've got the GMB. How do u find it..in terms of pick ups and overall build? Youre the first other i now know of witha JGS..... Build quality is absolutely stunning. Straight neck, amazing player, absolutely no issues. The pickups were alright in my opinion, very traditional as far as what you'd expect from what is in essence a Jaguar anyway, but I opted to find some old Dimarzios to replace them just because I had a specific tone I was looking for, and found. Where'd you get a GRB JGS-86 anyway? Those are hard to come by. I found mine on eBay for $500 about three or four
  5. #### where you eat, eat yellow snow, piss into the wind...
  6. Dunno yet... still waiting to pick up some copper shielding tape to ground all the components so I haven't actually gotten it to a playable state yet. Instead of Alnico or Ceramic magnets like nearly every pickup manufactured by the major players, the magnets are Neodymium, the strongest rare earth magnet on the planet. Thanks. The neck feels great, dunno how it plays yet though. I'll definitely post a demo when it's ready. And yeah, that thread at SS turned into a #### show pretty fast thanks to some outspoken turdburglar, but everyone's got an opinion so I can't really blame a guy.
  7. Red one I'm putting together myself. It's a Q-Tuner High Z humbucker, and an aluminum neck courtesy of Greg Bailey at http://www.baileycustomguitar.com/
  8. web of lies! my jaguar fits in a case not specifically designed for it. Alright... but if any case is specifically designed for a Strat, it won't fit.
  9. A jaguar won't fit in any case that isn't specifically designed for a Jag or Jazzmaster, so those probably won't work. Don't waste your money, buy something that's made for a Jag or Jazzy... http://elderly.com/search/elderly?terms ... se&x=0&y=0 Click that link, scroll to the bottom. You bought a funny shaped guitar, deal with it and cough up the extra dough for something that'll work the first time.
  10. Which JGS model Jaguar do you own, and what colour?
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