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  1. my guitar.. Fender Mustang 1975 Made in USA with an Ash body Still have the owner's manual"
  2. anyone know if it is possible to put the mustang neck in a stratocaster body?Would anyone here ever tried?
  3. Promoção Santo Angelo Eu Kero no Facebook. Hoje com Super Kit + CD do Fabio Zaganin” (Foto dos Prêmios)

  4. "Adjunsting the Action for Tune o-matic Bridge in the mustang" Placing a little piece of sandpaper (folded) "inside the neck pocket" You will be able to lower the tension of the strings! string gauge 0.11
  5. Please, someone could answer me if that Strat Body is Original from a fender american standard made in usa??
  6. Beautiful,awesome jagstang the body is in alder ?
  7. Lisa Scream Fender Jaguar Lisa Scream por BenePrado, no Flickr
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