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  1. Are there other competition RI's apart from the MG73's? Never seen any :S
  2. not sure where all this talk of RI's came from Although I was contemplating one of the Japanese RI's.. But I figured its worth waiting for the real deal
  3. I'd love a clean blue one like yours! beautiful I'm contemplating a red one currently on the guitar centre website, but I really want a blue. But the prices on ebay and stuff seem to be so different just because of the colour.. had any bad experiences buying vintage online? I guess you do it a lot
  4. Reissue? Nooo, VINTAGE I was just wondering if theyre worth their tag. Id love to own one, but it'd break my bank. Plus for the price of one I could probably get like 5 used mustang RIs.. How do they play and sound compared to newer ones?
  5. I'm going away soon and I'm considering either taking advantage of exchange rates, or just buying a guitar online. BUT What I want to know (from the small group who can help) is... Are 1969 competition mustangs really worth the 2000+ price tag?
  6. Oh, also, I only just noticed I ordered a 300k logarithmic pot, and my jag has 250k's in it. Whats the difference going to be between 250k and 300k?
  7. I found a place that does parts pretty cheap, so I ordered the parts I need. I just hope they fit the pots, else I'll have 12 knobs lying around -.-
  8. Far better shape than mine Cool little guitars these are, have fun!
  9. Im modding my Jaguar to have the whole vol/vol/tone thing going on, but Im no good with a number of things.. where do the wires match up to? is it just like wiring a jazz bass? also, I dont know where to find 3 gold dome knobs that fit 1/4' CTS pots anywhere (Britain) and I really need some quick.. The knob from my tele fits the jag, but the knobs i ordered for the jag dont fit, yet fit the tele... if that makes sense? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. you know OTM is the colour right? the 'CO' part of the serial (MG-73/CO) refers to the matching headstock (or 'competition' model) and no, it wont be hard to find in a few years since its a listing on fender Japan's site is still there (for the Japanese market only) and there have been hundreds of thousands made. that's my two cents anyway.. There's a bunch around on ebay. In fact, here's one at the moment... not badly priced either.. best grab it before other people here see it http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Japan-69-or-73-MUSTANG-OCEAN-TURQUOISE-METALLIC-COMPETITION-/121134346993?pt=Guitar&hash=item1c342b72f1
  11. to get it routed admittadely wasnt cheap, but for the routing, a new guard, new pots, and wiring it was £95 ish from this place in the next city over. The humbucker itself I got from Long McQuade in Markham Ontario for $120 + tax. so in total for everything in GBP I'd say around £170 ish
  12. some pretty cool shades of blue actually. swapping out the pup's or keeping them stock?
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