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  1. theres some info about things I made a thread about here : suprisingly my jaguar doesn tfeel the same as any others that I've tried. Yunno when theres something that just screams at you to buy it? this was it haha. Best choice ever made. MIM Candy Apple Red Jaguar w/ SD Slash Alnico Pro II and 250k pots. Its an MZ9, but a pretty low number so Im guessing this is mid 09' and this isnt a Jaguar, but its still a 'Jag' ;D trusty Squier Jagmaster w/DiMarzio Super Distortion. Possibly better sounding than the Jaguar to be fair haha.
  2. I'm wondering about the value of guitars at the moment since I've got a bit of money around and wanted to invest in something. The guys at my store said that the Fender Standards always gain the most value over time, so I'm looking maybe to invest in a nice Tele (shockhorror) I like teles, but Im not sure I like them that much to get one, even if it gains value with age. SO, what Im trying to say is, if I invest in an AVRI jaguar or anniverary model, will it do the same? Or even if I bit the bullet and bought a KC mustang or a KC jaguar, would they since they're signature models? What would you recommend? I want something that I wouldnt mind babying, but something that could gain value so I could sell it a few decades in the future if theres any money problems etc.
  3. I'm gonna start teaching soon too as a part time job to pay for stuff. I remember all the people that Ive ever seen (starters) having black strat copies! haha. Hit the nail on the head there! I think any guitar is only what you make of it. I have a guitar that none of my friends can play comfortably, but I can since I know every little thing about the guitar. Its weird. They'd better make a good job of these. But if they dont, I have a Jaguar anyway so why does it matter to me? may consider one as a backup though or for touring so theres no worry of damaging anything too expensive.
  4. only reason I play right handed most of the time is because of the availability. You must be preettttyy annoyed
  5. SO! Its Friday the 13th and my guitar got dropped off a little while ago by the wonderful people from my music store who picked it up and brought it to me. It cost me £85 for routing, a new pickguard, new pots and a set up. I cant tell what else theyve done until i take the pickguard off, but I'll do it eventually. When I got it back, at first the lead circuit wasnt working properly, so I took the lower plate off to see if it had come unsoldered and everything was fine, so I put it back and it was fine all of a sudden. I think its the new shielding they put in touching some of the parts but, whatever, its fine now Pots I believe are upgraded to 500k from 1 meg, but they're full sized so I couldnt put my chrome knobs on them so I'll have to get some more. All the parts back incase I want to restore it and sell it, I can still get more than I paid for it if I wanted to, even though Im the 3rd owner, but I'd never sell it Plugged it in and the sound was amazing. Quite a hot output from the humbucker, yet suprisingly versatile. Blends well with the neck pickup and gives a really unique tone. It suits surf really well, handles distortion amazingly, and when mixed with a big muff sounds really thick and dark, almost like a neck pickup but with more bite. I'm not trying to chase Slash's tone, I just wanted to get the sound in my head, it does this pretty darn good. I'd definitaly reccomend this pickup to anyone of any genre, THATS how good it is. To me this guitar is everything I want in an axe. Hands down beats any US model, and I may even go as far as saying better than a Les Paul. But that may just be because its to my specs and its custom preferences...I dunno.. But hey, Im pretty damn happy with this So, wha'dya think?
  6. I mean 'Fender' as in any brand they own, sorry if that wasnt clear haha The Fender Modern Player Jaguar is made in china, and the quality is definitaly there. Its certainitaly a very real possibility. Although with the wood supplies for guitars expected to run out in the next decade or so if no action is taken, it wont matter anyway xD
  7. Im kinda split about that statement. The chinese Fenders are pretty high quality, as are top end squiers, theyre around the same level in my books. Dont be fooled by the price tags or where its made, the chinese have caught up a considerable amount in guitar quality. And on the plus side, the lower price tag means it doesnt matter if it gets dropped or modified. I dont have a particularly high value for US fenders. Nothing about them seems to justify the pricetag to me. I'd only ever probably buy a custom shop model. I stick to mexicans, all the parts are made in the US and sent down for assembly, so theyre essentially US models. The way I see it, Fender will keep going east for the cheaper labour, and as their quality has increased so much, so eventually there will be no need for mexico and japan manufacturing, and theyll only keep the US to justify a high pricetag....but hey, thats my opinion
  8. I think I may end up picking up a candy apple red jaguar to see how it compares to my candy apple red fender jag I have high expectations for these. I sure hope they dont fail me.
  9. I took mine to the isle of white once in primary school on a trip. there was no space for it in the room so I had to sleep with it for 3 days
  10. everything on at once, as loud as possible, then go nuts with the tremolo
  11. awww snap *du dun, chh!* could have been worse I suppose. I take it your from britain then if you have one?
  12. yours looks waaay more epic than mine haha.. although, I'm bidding on a bunch of weird hippie hallucagenic looking bodies and stuff so your reign may come to an end does the playability suck on yours too? haha
  13. never thought about it like that before..I guess now thats what I'll refer them to instead
  14. I thought I may relic it a little bit... I've not done an awful lot because It'll happen naturally over time, but I think it looks pretty cool. A much under rated guitar, plays good(when set up after purchase), sounds awesome. Definitaly reccomend it. I did this and this this happened naturally so yeah, these guitars are VERY under rated. A definite buy if you want something you dont have to worry about throwing around. Could easily use this without a backup. This guitar is by no means the best, but I guess you've just gotta learn how to handle the problems. Love it!
  15. right! My Squier Jagmaster. This thing has withstood years of hardcore abuse, isnt ever cleaned (i think its lucky, but whatever haha) and has played with me in the Albert Hall, the Cavern, Disneyland aswell as places around the UK including venues like the Victoria Hall in Stoke (where Slash filmed his dvd a couple of weeks later) This is pretty much my workhorse, but its had to be used less since the low quality parts are starting to deteriorate because of all the use. It has a SuperDistortion in the bridge, chrome dome knobs and partially rebuilt circuitry and a little 3d sticker from a fender cable on the headstock (and my initials burned into the finish) There are LOADS of dings and scratches since I dont baby it, and once it was starting to look worse for wear I started to purposefully ding it at every notable venue its played at (I may write the initials on the wood too) So it definitaly tells the story of my musical life so far Heres a few photos This is how much the neck is worn. The yellow-ness as come away completely There's a lot more dings than I could show. But Id be most heartbroken if this got stolen from me.
  16. I know I've been posting a lot of threads lately, but hey, theres a lot going on I figured since my modding is nearly done, and my kc mustang is all parts so Im putting it off until I have the money, I figured Id start my custom build. this is the wood Im using. I have no idea what it is, other than it is nearly 200 years old and used to be one solid piece (it got halved *sigh*) but its been in my garage for ages and its taking up a lot of room (its 6ft 9 height) I dont have access to a lot of tools, but theres a luthier down the street who we're good friends with and I got the wood from, so he does it for free This is what the two pieces looked like after they were cut out. I decided that since these sides had a few worm holes and knots in, these will go on the inside out of view. The two nicest sides were sanded (i.e what Im gonna use for the front and back) The pattern and the grain on this wood is beautiful. It has what I refer to as 'paw prints' on it and (may not be visible in the photo) fades from a beech-y colour to a dark red and out again. It will look darker once the oils are applied to the wood Its hard to get an accurate picture of the tones since it reflects the light pretty awkwardly and it appears a LOT lighter. But heres another photo of the grain and patterns Got a few designs ready so I'll put them up soon too
  17. I'm thinking of making a Kurt Cobain 'tribute' mustang. Not because of the Cobain aspect, but because I've always wanted one and dont have the money for a vintage one or a reissue. I'm gonna make this Mustang out of pre made parts since I've only got enough wood for my other guitar I'm making (all hand made) and since I want it to be as accurate as possible. I'm going to get a premade body like this one since its the perfect colour compared to Kurt's in the EMP (wheras the current fender sig's and the japs are slightly different) http://s1258.photobucket.com/albums/ii523/IDanClarkI/?action=view&current=fenderbody.png the only problem I'm facing is the neck. I dont have access to painting and finishing tools (hey, I'm 16) and I cant find an LPB headstock ANYWHERE. So I figured I'm gonna have to see about getting one finished for me (with a special 'lefty' logo -i.e 'Fender' only-) I photoshoped an image of what I want it to look like here (only with white tuners of course) - KNOW ANYONE HERE WHO COULD DO THAT? http://s1258.photobucket.com/albums/ii523/IDanClarkI/?action=view&current=fenderneck.png other than that, its all gonna be AllParts stuff I guess. It may take a while since I'm dividing my time between building my custom one (Im gonna make a thread sometime soon) and because of the obvious cash flow issues since I'm modding things and making things all at the same time The Specs NECK- 'C' shape, 22 frets (vintage style), vintage ivory dots, 7.25" radius, maple neck, rosewood fretboard urethane finish(or possibly non to give it that worn feel) 1.625" nut width 24" scale length white 'lefty style' fender logo BODY- alder body (mustang shape) lake placid blue w/competition stripe (light blue) urethene finish SS routing ELECTRONICS/HARDWARE- SS pickup configuration - standard black neck p/up and black hot rails in the bridge mustang sliding switches 1 vol 1 tone (not sure of the values on his, but I'm going with 250k pots black mustang knobs chrome plate stumac gotoh TOM bridge mustang tremolo white mother of pearl pickguard vintage style white tuning pegs strap locks This may take a long time to materialise (probably wont be done by the end of the year) but I'll keep posting updates when something happens. I think Ive got pretty accurate specs. (its even gonna have a black EB nylon strap and .11 blue steel's ;D) lemme know if I've missed anything If youve done something like this, post some photos!
  18. I wanna do this exact same thing. I've always wanted one but lets face it, not got the money for a vintage one Are you buying all the parts and just assembling it/painting it? how much is it gonna cost you to do? looks AMAZING so far. where did you get the paint? its the perfect colour. And how do you make the stripes?
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