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  1. best thing you could do is go to a shop and play one yourself. my personal experiences with certain products have always been different from what i've heard on forums,reviews,etc... only thing i suggest is playing it through a tube amp. should help toward the "indie" chime.
  2. nah, i get what you mean. to me they've always sounded sort of similar, phase maybe being a bit thicker and less modulated. but that's about it. anyways i'm thinking i'll check youtube for some of the lesser known phasers. i've already seen the phase 90, boss ph-3, etc. oh and thanks for the reply..
  3. kind of a dumb question. i'm unfamiliar with phase shifters, but do you think having a phaser and a chorus stompbox eliminates the need for a flanger stompbox?? also, are there any phaser stompboxes you'd recommend??
  4. i'm into earth.. are you taking any requests? tried figuring out "a bureaucratic desire for revenge" but i couldn't figure out some of the notes, mostly cause the actual sound of carlson's overdrive were drowning them out. another one i couldn't get was "german dental work".
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