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  1. Has anyone compared this guitar to the Fender purple sparkle one?
  2. Thanks for your replys and sorry my reply is so long I am gonna take it to a guitar tech and maybe file down the nut or replace it as if I put thin piece of card in one of the nut saddles and the buzz disappears.
  3. Thanks for your reply James, checked some videos on youtube they sound ace.
  4. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to source some pick ups for a Squier jaguar bass ss they have stock Duncan designed pick ups but as of always on Squier's i find the sound a little thin. So doe's anyone else on here have any issues with this bass? Also i was looking for genuine fender pick ups found the p bass one fine but i can't seem to source a jazz bass pick up (neck) by itself as i am in the UK stock availability is not quite the same as the States anyone know any websites that sell them single? Thanks Mattt
  5. That sounds a good pick up set up Much respect for your wipers logo !
  6. Nice one covering the apple logo i hate the corporate apple!
  7. The squier one is half the price of the first release purple sparkle one, why is this ? Surely it just can't be the name .....
  8. Hey people Im just wondering if anyone has the J mascis Fender Jazzmaster purple sparkle, why im asking is that i cant stop mine buzzing!! Its all standard i have bought a buzz stop but that has done nothing to improve the problem, when you play the guitar with the standing up and tilt the guitar away from you it buzzes even more. It sometimes comes through to the amp but not always, i think this problem is caused because of the tune o matic as apprantly there not designed to be fitted on the standard jazzmaster tremelo.
  9. Does'nt anyone think that Fender are using the Jaguar name a teeny weeny bit to much ?!? Squier Jaguar bass 3 different types Cobain jaguar Marr jaguar HH jaguar Jaguar 50 aniversary Jaguar modern player Jaguar blacktop Jaguar classic player Jaguar american vintage 62 Oh god the list could gooo on and on and on and on!! Why can't they make something new and inspirational, a Jaguarillo! the name sounds like a stuffed monkey toy he he
  10. Or maybe another solution would be to remove the tune o matic and replace with original bridge and mustang sadles, i don't know if this is possible does anyone know if it is ?
  11. I have a jaguar i did myself but only got as far as installing the pick ups like kurts, so im gonna pick up the kurt jaguar this weekend ! Im thinking its gonna be quite rare in time to come?
  12. I have a standard sparkle burst blue one, i wanna replace the 2 duncan design humbuckers with some dimarzios. Im not great with knowledge of pick ups but i take it you could put a PAF on the neck place and meaty sounding one on the bridge place am i correct in thinking this way??? I love the guitar just looking for a heavy clearer sound as the duncan design pick ups arent to great.
  13. I have a blue sparkle burst all standard model, the guitar is a dream to play it is so so unique which on stage will already give other people something to talk about. The pick ups could do with some di marzio's in my opinion but i will do that in the near future! It's the best squier ever made along with the venus, the vista series are as good as fender's in my opinion. I have many fender's all the weird ones mustang jaguar customised Kurt cobain style jagstang and a j mascis jazzmaster. If you ever get the opportunity to own a supersonic my words are you must!!
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