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  1. Hello All I am new and about to purchase a Jaguar. I was really keen to get the sound of my friend's quite new CP Jaguar, which had that distinctive overchime that I can't get on my Strat copy or my solid bodied Gretsch. Sometimes it sounds like 2 guitars playing at the same time and it takes me back to my favourite indie bands of the 90s. So even though it is a new Jaguar, to me it sounds similar to the sounds of the 90s bands. However, his is a bit unreliable in its electronics. I was attracted by the Blacktop HH as it was cheap and seemingly robust out of the box no mods required. But I worried that it was not the same as my mate's whose had the trem arm and no humbuckers. And the forums go onto say the Blacktop HH does not give the classic Jaguar sound. And this put me off it. But then I watched this video. And between 30 and 48 seconds, I hear that overchime that, to me, is the distinctive jaguar sound. http://www.gearwire.com/fender-blacktop-jaguar-hh-video-demo.html So, even though it has different circuitry, switches, bridge and pickups, and I assume a different angle for the strings, and not the same distance between saddle and tailpiece, it still has the sound. Yet noone in forums etc seem to think it sounds like a Jaguar! So my question; is the critical design factor (to get that chime in the video) the long distance between the saddle and the tailpiece that is common in all Jags? And my other question; is my idea of the Jaguar sound different to everybody else's? Cheers, Rich
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