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  1. It looks like I need a large, flat head screwdriver but I want to be sure. Any ideas?
  2. Does anyone know if they ship internationally and how much they charge?
  3. Also looking into this, but for regular SS Classic Player. As far as I can see the regular ones won't fit the TOM bridge?
  4. 1) Having trouble straightening out the neck. I probably just don't have the right tools for it, the screwdriver I'm using doesn't really fit the truss rod. Looking at it I'm unsure how low I'll be able to get the action to go. it wouldn't be as much of an issue, but because of the radius I'll need to get it to go pretty flat for it to be comfortable on the higher strings. Will look into getting bridge with adjustable saddles, but that means more money and harder to set up... 2) Trem arm keeps falling back inside the Trem unit. THe screw attaching it becomes lose very easily. I tried putting some glue on the trem arm so it didn't have to go in as deeply, and that has worked pretty well. But now the guitar makes unsettling creaking noises when I use the Trem, some of which can be picked up. 3) High e and G strings seem to be choking a little at the nut... 4) Some buzzing I can't figure out It just sucks, this is my first "Good" guitar. I wanted to spend a decent amount of money to get one decent guitar for gigging. I thought the MIMs had fixed the overall dodginess of Jags but I guess not. The sound of the guitar is perfect and even with the high action it plays pretty well and the Trem is fun to use(or was before it started creaking).
  5. The sound of the Jag versus a Strat comes from the bridge(Which most people swap out, so you can kind of discount this) and the Trem unit. That Jag has nothing in common with a real Jag except the scale length. Where the "overchime" may be coming from is the presence of 1M Pots. Strats tend to have 250k pots, which is why Jags sound harsh for some people. If the HH has fairly bright Humbuckers and 1M pots, that could be where it's coming from. The break angle on the HH is also similar to the CP Jag, which is where some of the sound comes from(The CP's is a little closer, so it may be a little less "Jaggy"). I don't know why you expected the HH to sound like a Jag anyway? If you want a HH that sounds like a jag, try the Classic Player HH(I don't know what was wrong with your friends electronics, usually they're fine), but you'll probably need to experiment with pickups until you find one that sounds like a Jag split. Jag pickups are fairly identical to Strat ones though(again, the 1M Pots, Bridge, Trem Unit, Electronics and possibly all the metal on the body are where it gets it's sound), so it's probably not that hard. Some humbuckers can still be pretty Chimey or Jangly. I have a First Act Sheena and it's pretty good for that. http://www.box.net/shared/2mvi3tv89x http://www.box.net/shared/cnzpyrr0yl (towards the end) You might want to try a Vox TB type amp, that can brighten anything up.
  6. Higher gain than the average Strat or Tele basically, more in P90/low output humbucker territory. Able to do some kind of metal, just not ideal for it, metal guitars kinda bore me, looking for more of a gritty alt rock thing. The CP has hotter pickups which is why I learn towards it. It also has the "better" bridge and trem. On one hand, that might make it sound too much like a Strat, but on the other I've heard the pickups are more uniquely voiced, so I'm getting a whole new sound.
  7. I'm looking at some guitars at the moment. I currently have a First Act Sheena and a GFS Tele copy. I'm looking for a decent reliable guitar that'll be fun to play. I was pretty into the idea of a Jazzmaster, but I'm a little more put off them though. I remember seeing a HH Jaguar in a local shop and I thought it looked really pretty(Olympic white). I like the idea of the Coil Split blend, as a lot of coil splits tend to be a bit thin, that helps work around it. But I have heard the pickups are a bit ####. I'm not sure what to do. I like the sort of "complicated" sound a Jazzmaster pickup has, it has this glassy texture under distortion and has that "Surfy" Twang even under fairly high gain. To me it sounds like a less obnoxious version of a Tele if that makes any sense. But it's also kind of mellow compared to a Jag. The Jag's pickups are ridiculously high output too, which normally I'd hate but I have an amp(ZT Lunchbox) that doesn't get very dirty on it's own, and coil splits work better with hotter pickups AFAIK. Basically I just want a guitar that doesn't sound like the typical old Strat, Les Paul or Tele(though Teles are definitely the coolest sounding IMO). I want it to be versatile enough to do high gain without being boring like most humbucking guitars. So I'm open to other suggestions. I have a pretty low budget though, I'm hoping to try and grab one of the classic players for €500. Also considering getting one of those Parker P series guitars, the P38 or P44, and putting some interesting pickups in them, but not sure what to go with there. If you start chasing "interesting" pickups it can cost quite a lot. Lace sensors are about the best affordable ones, but they still mostly sound like Strat pickups. Any ideas?
  8. They're different guitars. The Classic Player is actually "better" than the AVRI in some ways, if you're looking for more sustain for example, and slightly hotter/more versatile pickups.
  9. Have the GFS Fatbodies in my Tele, great pickups. Dunno about the Mean 90.
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