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  1. get the ac4, crank it up to full, and switch between it and the TT (set clean). or just play thru them both at once. that should sound huge. and i think the nighttrain pretty much is a TT anyway, but i aint sure.
  2. probably a good thing! ive got too many guitars (for the size of my house) but i want more, i just cant afford it. really want a jazzmaster of some kind, but i might just have to settle for a silversparkle jagmaster my mate (who looks like you, oddly enough!) has said hed sell me.
  3. nice. good consolation for losing two jagstangs?
  4. i dont suppose it really matters, as long as its not some bit of vintage guitar porn, and as long as you dont cut all the way through.
  5. good thinking! dont know why it hasnt occurred to anyone else yet, to do that with HBs.
  6. i have to agree, im just not that keen on fiesta red. but in all the pics on this site, the fiesta jag-stangs look a bit darker. maybe my monitor is set wrong...
  7. never heard on in the flesh, but the classic30 was a contender for my cash, it just lost out cos the jetcity appeared in my line of sight very reasonably priced. but the classic 30, n the classic 50 have got good reputations. i believe simon neil from biffy clyro uses the classic 50.
  8. 2 words... JET CITY! i got the jca20, n its a beast.
  9. good stuff! i just got me the jet city jca20h n matchin 1x12 cab. the orange TT was a contender, but this jet city appeared in my line of sight, very cheap, the day after some cash landed in my lap, so i had to get it really.
  10. good news on the new guitar! hope it works out for ya! twice a year, i have to give every guitar and bass in my house a thorough setting up - once in about april/may, and again in sept/oct. its the seasons changing obviously, but ive got into doing all my own setup work over the years, and i know the guitars in my possession intimately, so the rest of the year i barely touch em, except to play, or change strings. theyre really stable.
  11. yea im a big billy corgan fan, he used to use em, but ive read bad things about them. never used em myself, i probably should, but i aint in a position to be buying them anyways
  12. well thats one sexy JS u got ther. do those lace sensors have an artificial, compressed kinda sound to em? (i dont mean all the pre-amp drive thats a consequence of the high output) its just something i read somewhere...
  13. i use kent armstrong hotrails. only 40 british pounds (a duncan hotrails is like 70) and its real nice. got as much subtlety and brutality as i need.
  14. i happen to like the blacktop series! and werent fender guitars meant to be a cheap/mass market modular kind of product? ie the neck breaks, so replace it. try doin that with a les paul! and the attraction of jagstangs n mustangs etc is the kitchy vibe, the child-like qualities. i havent used those ampknobs before, but arent they also real easy to use for delicate adjustments and volume swells etc?
  15. yea good point. id guess that theyd use a cheap aftermarket item, rather than make some up with Squier stamped into them. but i still just cant see it happening, i think maybe the duosonic (CV series) is as wierd/shortscale/offset as squier are going to get. yes, i know they do jags n jazzs, but thats only really cos they already do the jagmaster, so they already got bodies shaped like that. if they brought back the cyclone, i think many people more would buy it, over a mustang, as i think 24inch scale is too short for most people. anyway, i think the best thing for squier to do, would be to do a jagstang, but hardtail, and with toggle, not sliders. that would be logical, ie stripped down switching, simplified bridge. i would like to see the 3saddle bridge used on the mid 90s MIM duosonic (which was also on the 60s duosonicII) which would be logical, as a duosonicII is a really just a hardtail mustang, so using that bridge would be thematically correct. though i think they could be forgiven for using the bridge on the current squier jags n jazzs. us lot on here could then swap it for the 6saddle toronado version if we wish, and put sexier pickups on it. i think its fair to say most people on here would buy one, i know i would. and not that it matters, i think KC would approve.
  16. happy birthday to me! i got me the same amp rig, n it rules. got a bassballs, a ds2, n a phaser n flanger goin into it, n its amazing. wouldnt mind a 4x10 for it tho.
  17. update - decided im just gna get an ehx neo mistress, at some point, and use em both. 2 flangers isnt too much is it! i used to use a digitech turboflange with the rocktron, 'til it died. anyone used a neo mistress?
  18. id love to make a warmoth jagstang, but here in uk, i would end up paying a shedload to our lovely government as tax. allparts uk do jag/jazz bodies with only the neck pocket cut, but they are far from cheap (£240). theres nowhere to get mustang bodies or necks, and the only jag neck (almost)allparts do, is a vintage radius RW one.
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