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  1. yea its kinda like going to view a house to rent - Everything is magnolia! they should just reissue the MIM duosonic from the mid90s, but 24inch scale. theyd sell well, and end up on this site, with bits changed quite often. u mean fiesta red? i dont like it. its a colour that cant decide what it is. is it red? is it orange? is it pink? is it infected?
  2. it would be nice if they did, but i cant see it happening to be honest. they couldnt make a squier, cos the trem bridge says Fender on it, so it would have to have a different bridge, say maybe a strat bridge, in which case its basically a cyclone. or they could do a hardtail squier mustang, but that would be a duosonic. so maybe they should just do that, a mid-late60s style duosonic 2, but with a toggle instead of the sliders. id buy one.
  3. yea, true. some of the new squiers play really nice too, and plenty of people have got signature squiers, so i think the stigma is fading a bit.
  4. i was referring to some info i found on this very site, under the mustang section on the main page. i thought there was no such thing as comp.burgundy - i thought they wrongly referred to LPB as burgundy.
  5. ok, so ive looked at it a bit longer now, and i decided i like it. you got any particular electronics mods in mind?
  6. nice. i always though amp knobs looked cool on offsets.
  7. so they should say squier on't head then right?!? and be like £280? that jag is sexy tho
  8. er...wow! love the jag, and the marauder.
  9. ok, im a real idiot. what i should have said... it wont look that odd. i put a 25.5inch scale length strat neck on my '96 fender duosonic, (which is 22.5inch, interchangeable with 24inch, just like the mustang) and i had a bit of a struggle getting it intonated, but its fine now. and it looks fine too. so my advice, is get a mustang body from somewhere, without bridge routing, and fit a JM neck, and put the bridge wherever it fits best.
  10. best of luck to you. i think its a great idea, but its gonna be hard work, and a long process. thought about a baritone jag HH?
  11. yea, its getting very toronado, and i dont really like it, but maybe itll look nicer when its done.
  12. although i dont own either, im certain you can do that.
  13. awesome idea. im kinda allergic to yellow tho, so i would go with white, black, shell pink, sunburst, or red. cant wait to see it, whatever you do.
  14. very art-deco. i love it. i hope you keep your doors locked - my wife wants to steal all your art and some of your guitars.
  15. i mean judging by this site, the fender jagstangs biggest problem is staying in one piece
  16. these? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Set-6-Guitar-Machine-Heads-Tuners-Squier-Fender-Used-/310348252034?pt=UK_Guitar_Accessories&hash=item4842328382 i think theyre the ones on your guitar.
  17. i think the bridge thats on a squier jag is just top mounted, not string thru, so i guess you could just fill the screwholes from the bridge n put any old bridge you like on there, and the only consideration would be body depth - ie a floyd rose (which would look silly anyway) would maybe need more body depth to get it to fit.
  18. thats cos in ausralia EVERYTHING is expensive! (as far as im aware)
  19. yea i could live with an orange head tbh (the amp's - not mine!) but i aint standin around in front of an orange cabinet. n they charge a shed-load more for black cabs. i can see that they are just trying to protect their brand identity or woteva tho.
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