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  1. ive never played one, but i think its plain to see whats going on with this guitar... fender have been reading some forums (ie, this one) and have tried to make a new guitar that appeals to us lot, the great unwashed, and failed.
  2. never heard one with my own ears, but i think the point of that pickup is to fvck up the input stages of an amp to get more filth, in which case it probly wont sound very nice (im not saying thats a bad thing!) when played into a clean amp. and i think matt bellamy out of muse uses em a lot, with the kent armstrong hotrails, which i use, n its a beast of a pickup! kinda silky i guess, but quite loud, and clanky (in a good way) when played hard. hope that helps!
  3. yea good point. thinking maybe a jetcity20h mite be better for me. i dont like orange (the colour) anyway.
  4. i think you would need a new scratchplate to put a tele pickup on there. and i dont think a tele pickup would be particularly silky anyway.
  5. heres a pic for ya http://fendermustangstory.com/gphotos/purpleburst.jpg
  6. theres no such thing as the purpleburst mustang. for some strange reason fender called it competition burgundy, when blatantly its blue. some of those guitars have aged to look like a purpleburst cos of the amount of clear laquer sprayed onto the edges. some of the laquer has overshot and built up on the front, and has aged into what looks like a burst.
  7. if i could afford it id have a tiny terror for clean, with a dark terror just a footswitch away, for dirty.
  8. oops, sorry guys ive had a long day! i would be very suprised if its the tuners' fault. ive never seen bad aftermarket tuners , apart from the cr@p that gets put on encore strats, so it probably is a saddle or nut problem.
  9. if theyre gonna do it (and why would fender pass up a moneyspinning opportunity like this) theyll do it 2013 on the 20th anniversary of in utero.
  10. a while ago i decided to do something a bit risky, and buy a flanger from thomann(that bit aint risky - i trust those guys), even though i had no idea if i liked it. turns out i did the right thing, cos its one of the lushest things ive ever heard. no funny noises, no level drops/boosts, no disappearing in the middle of the sweep. it dont take anything away from the sound, and looks quite pretty too. thing is, its just not quite mad enough. the fx level knob fades out the flanged signal at one extreme, but doesnt fade out the clean sound at the other. this in itself wouldnt really bother me, except the amount of feedback never quite goes mental enough for me. if the feedback knob had the (currently) maximum sound a bit further down the pot, maybe halfway, and/or if the fx level knob went from fully wet to fully dry, this thing would be the best flanger ever. as it is, its one of the best flangers ever, but a little tame. so i guess im asking if anyone knows about modding flangers, if its even possible to make the mods i mentioned above, and what i should/shouldnt expect. its a rocktron hypnoticflange by the way, and thank you for any help.
  11. all trems are still rubbish tho. they take more than they give.
  12. yea whatever you do, please dont sell it as parts on ebay! buy it, and move it on to someone who will love it more, and use the profits to build a mustang to your tastes, or modify a reissue or something.
  13. yea ive seen pics of usa cyclones, but never heard that they actually exist. and i thought all the fender 6point trems wer the same, except the squier ones etc.
  14. blend pots eh..? sounds like fun. since i put this up i decided that maybe having set so that the switch on the upper horn leaves the p90s on full vol, and the rollors fades the rails in and out. i think the CP jag HH works like that, but im not certain. i was watchin demos of the p-rails on youtube, and they seem like nice pickups, so i wana use em. i aint even got the body yet tho. im thinkin i mite ask warmoth if they would move the tailpiece forward a bit too, a la the CP series. need money first tho!
  15. im in the process of building a beefed-up jazzmaster, and i want to put seymour duncan p-rails in it. i want to have all options available from the p-rails, so would it be possible to put a couple of 2way switches in the upper horn, instead of the volume/tone controls? or has anyone got a better idea?
  16. im pretty sure thats the bridge thats already on it.
  17. you should ring them up and shake your fist at them! gonna look real sweet when its sorted tho!
  18. sorry - just re-read that, you said pickup height makes no difference.
  19. is your pickup too close to your strings? try backing it off a few mm's.
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