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  1. fairplay. im sure i saw on ere a bit ago that u can set em lower into the guitar (the switches, that is) , by putting some washers under the scratchplate. but then i guess they wont be as easy to operate.
  2. think you gonna have to shim the neck, but i aint ever tried that so dont take my word for it!
  3. my friend fitted an invader to his strat, but because of the massive polepieces the thing had to be set real low, to avoid hitting the strings, and subsequently fell off its mounting screw. im guessing this wasnt an issue for you?
  4. oh yea, i meant to ask but forgot: any suggestions as to what next?
  5. hello everyone, ive been lookin at theis site for a long time, and decided i ought to take part. i look forward to being part of your crazy little community, and its nice to see im not the only englishman on here, i think i saw someone from sheffield, which is near where i live. anyways,heres my 96 duosonic, it fell over with a lead in the output, which broke the corner of the scratchplate, so i got a new one (from WD uk), and then the pickups died, so i got some Kent Armstrongs in it, a 'hotrails' at the bridge, and a noiseless singlecoil at the neck, and i got sick of the (extremely) short scale, so i put an Allparts strat neck on it, unfinished. i had to pull the saddles back all the way to get it to intonate, (but it does!!!) and now it sustains forever, yet still kinda sounds the same as it always did. oh, i also had the switch replaced when it died.
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