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  1. I hope this is not a necro, but when I first read "Phaser" I honestly thought you were talking about this..
  2. Nirvana is not my favourite, they certainly are up there though. I wanted to start with a sound I like and go from there. Cool is what I am not.. But I will try different strings to get the sound I want.
  3. Then that website lied.. I am now making my angry face.. Aww f**k.. My angry face is my normal face! Avert your eyes!
  4. I was thinking of using piano wire strings, I know it can be done as it has been before. My question is, how exactly would I go about doing this?
  5. I didn't see any competition Mustangs in Lake Placid Blue with matching head stock on that Japanese webpage.. I will keep checking that site until I am ready to purchase.
  6. I can't seem to find a company on the web that sells them.. I know, this is a very stupid question; but that is why I titled the thread as such.
  7. Alright, I will start looking for a Japanese Re-issue Competition Mustang, do they make any in Lake Placid Blue?
  8. What are the main differences between re-issue and vintage?
  9. Where might I find a Re-issue one in Lake Placid Blue? Also, where would I find a vintage one for sale and how much do they run?
  10. Excellent, thanks! Now I need to find a 1969 Lake Placid Blue "competition" Mustang for sale..lol That will be easy..
  11. I know it is likely posted somewhere on the forums, but I can't seem o find it. But I wanted to know what year/ exact model Mustang Cobain had. Thanks!
  12. Can't stop listening to Kurt Cobain's cover of "Where did you sleep last night"

  13. Assuming they let me bring it..lol Any suggestions for a decent and relatively inexpensive case? Does Pelican make one?
  14. All over, but the last place a very small apartment in North Hollywood. I was recently transferred to a new unit, so I have since relocated. I have lived all over the US though, so it is hard to call anything home. L7, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Mudhoney, R.E.M.. et cetera.. I love them all! I was thinking along the lines of a '96 Jag-stang in sonic blue or a Mustang in Lake Placid blue if I can find one, or someone here has one for sale; that would be cool. I wanted to take the guitar with me and teach myself to play whist on deployment.. Pass the time in a relaxing manner.. Of course I would not
  15. Yes, heading to Afghanistan.. I have been in for almost 4 years now.. Anyway, if we want to discuss this more, check out my intro thread, as I don't want to hijack this one.
  16. Hi Jared, my name is also Jared and I just joined a few minutes ago.. I would say welcome, but it does not feel right, after only joining minutes ago. I aspire to have a the same model year and colour you have of the JS. When I was a kid, I wanted to join the band, but my family was too poor to afford an instrument, so I never got to follow my love of music or play anything above a plastic recorder. I hope to teach myself to play while on deployment.. But I feel right saying, good choice in guitar!
  17. Hello all, I am nobody noteworthy.. I come here to talk music and look for dream guitars. I am currently an Army Reservist getting ready for a deployment and will be searching for one of my dream guitars soon enough; hopefully I will be able to take it with me overseas. Well, that is about all I can say about me.
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