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  1. Very nice, gotta love hot redheaded surfer chicks named Monica!
  2. Thanks, now I dont feel so dirty owning a Les Paul.
  3. Id leave it as is, its not stained, it just has character.
  4. New coat of IBM and a few coats of clear coat, with at least another can to go. I like the way this came out alot better than the last attempt.
  5. Yeah I think a fresh white cover may be in order.
  6. Ended up going with Ice Blue Metallic. Screwed up the first can of nitro so I ordered another can and its looking much better! I had the guitar assembled while waiting for more paint and she sounds great with the hot rail, the vintage pup holds its own in the neck position as well. Here she is with the crappy paint and my spare '65 Musicmaster II "B" neck.
  7. Paint and primer came in the mail today, so I was able to shoot a couple coats of seal and sand before dark. Ordered a mint green pickguard, a couple three way slidder switches and a hot rail bridge pickup.
  8. Made a trip to the hardware store today and bought some chrome bolts and washers. The Trem is now bolted down, pretty easy mod. Decided on an ice blue metallic paint job with either a mint green or red tortoise shell pick guard. Not going to use the old one because its modified and shrunken.
  9. I saw a hot rodded original '65 go for less than $600 on Ebay just recently. If your patient you can get a good deal on a old one. I bought a project '64 for $660 and will probally have less than $950 into when Im done.
  10. Heres the now stripped and sanded '64 Project with my original '65. I have one original '64 Mustang PU that Im going to install in the neck position, and will probally go with a Strat single coil profile Humbucker in the bridge position. I might upgrade the Pots to 500k. The pickguard has been modified to take toggle switches? So ive found some small toggles and will try to make them as low profile as possible. Any ideas or suggestions? Still havent decided on a color yet, leaning towards surf green or maybe sea foam green. My wife thinks Olympic white is the way to go.
  11. Bought this project Mustang on Ebay last week and recieved it on Saturday. http://cgi.ebay.com/1964-Fender-Mustang-Project-w-OHSC-/180700482291?pt=Guitar&hash=item2a12968af3
  12. Heres my original except for switches January '65 Mustang. Already looking to get another! Addictive
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