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  1. Well, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, but did it how I explained and it works... awesome sound now
  2. Hi everyone I finally purchased a Seymour Duncan SHR-1 to replace the bridge pickup of my Squier Jag. But, frankly, i have no idea of how to solder it now :S I'm pretty sure it should be like this: RED and WHITE together. That-little-wire with the GREEN one. And the BLACK to the pickup selector. Is it right? I'm so confused :S Thanks, and sorry for my English
  3. Hi everyone Recently, I bought my first Jag, an Squier one. After some adjustments, it's just awesome, I love it. When I play at home, it sounds great with distortion, but I tried to use it in a show, and with more volume it's just terrible, so I'm thinking about replacing the bridge pickup with this one: http://www.thomann.de/es/dimarzio_dp_218_super_distortion_s_wh.htm But the question is, if I replace it with a hot rail pickup, will I have to change some electronics in the guitar, or is it just removing the single coil one and soldering the new pick up? Will the circuits work the
  4. Well, I have already fixed it I've used the e string method, from the jack plate to the bottom of the buzz stop.
  5. Yup, definitely this is the problem, thank you So I have to solder the metal plates, how do I do it? Is there any tutorial or something?
  6. I've fixed the buzz issue, it was just a little vibration in the first string But still have some buzz in all strings, how can I fix it without lifting each saddle too much? And about that hum, is like some "crunch" when I play with the pickups off, I pretty sure it's the neck pickup, like when I turn it off, it keeps sounding, but sound bad and without tone, I don't know :S Thank you for posting, and one more time, sorry for my English
  7. Hi everyone I have installed an AllParts Buzz Stop in my Jaguar, but it keeps buzzing a lot, specially the low-e. I've been adjusting the bridge (it's the stock one) but can't fix it, should I leave it and install a Mustang one? And then, the problem I'm most concerned about is when the guitar is plugged, makes a little fuzz, even in the clean channel. It sounds kinda "far", but can be heard all the time. When I turn off both pickups in the lead circuit and play something with distortion, that little fuzz keeps sounding, but shouldn't be there. It's some kind of hum that sounds only w
  8. Thanks! Okay, I'll add it, thank you Did you like the country? It's got some beautiful places, and if you been to Madrid, you probably saw some important museums. By the way, I have already broke the first string, and have been adjusting the bridge, kinda complicated, but still love it!
  9. Hi, greetings from Spain This morning I got my first Jag, a Surf Green Squier Vintage Modified. I thought it would be a crappy guitar, but... I'm in love with it, really love it. I always wanted a Jaguar, but they were too expensive for a 18 years old like me haha And the pick ups sound really good, I don like single coils, but these are pretty cool, even when I use them with a Mesa Boogie Throttle Box pedal, super-distorted So, well, I just wanted to share my excitement about this great guitar, see you in the forum Oh, and sorry for my English.
  10. Thanks, HNB And what about the pickups? The humbucker is really weak? What humbucker could be good from this site?: http://www.thomann.de/gb/index.html Thanks.
  11. OMG! Really?Well, I'ts the best I can purchase by now, maybe, when I have money, I will buy a Mustang or a Jaguar...
  12. So, it could be used as a more "professional" guitar? I mean, need my definitive guitar to play with my band... It's OK? And will be the sound better with some Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio? Thanks And, what is the most common problem the Jag-Stangs have?
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