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  1. Cheers mate, helped a lot! I need to do some research on pots, I know people are always mentioning it, but I myself am not aware how they work or even what they are.
  2. Hey there guys, Im having a new PG for my jagstang and since Im changing it anyway, I was considering replacing my original neck pickup with a jaguar one, with the metal claws and stuff. Now, I never played a Jaguar myself, the reason Im thinking about it is only to try something different than a regular single coil. Now, for you guys that are the guitar experts, Id like to know: - is it a stupid mod? - what you guys think will be the tonal differences? - oh btw, can i just swap the pickup or there's something im missing? I think itll just take some routing... - can i still have the same wiring? - i was thinking of putting it angled, just like the original... Would it work? And finally, whats ur opinions? Any other considerations?
  3. I left my guitar at a luthier on Monday to have that jaguar chrome plate on the upper horn installed, and then mess with the switches a bit. Yours is gorgeous, I'll post mine when it's done.
  4. Hey, mine is one of the ones that say "Crafted in Japan" but with old serial number. There you go: O067951 This seems like a 93-94 serial number. Is it possible that my guitar is that old? Mine also has the very distinct quilted maple neck, just like redman's. So the consensus is that these are from 97, which would be original issue, right?
  5. Hey you guys, have anyone in here ever thought of putting the top chrome plate of the Jaguar in a Jagstang, and then adjust the pickguard? Would it fit, maybe? Anybody reckon it would look good?
  6. Yeah, I was thinking of going to a luthier tho, you know... put binding and inlays in the fender neck, don't wanna make it a frankenstein at this point, would rather get a new neck if it was a new project. Well if you haven't done this, I think nobody else in this board have LOL thanks, HNB.
  7. Straight to the point, has anybody here done this? I was thinking about it the other day, maybe it would look cool. Couldn't find any jagstang or mustang pics on the internet with block inlays and binding on the neck. You guys think it would look too odd?
  8. This is def my favorite, surf green + pearl red (my guitar, BTW):
  9. I noticed that as well, as that is the coolest one IMO... ain't that stupid?
  10. Dude, aren't Epi Sheratons the coolest arch top guitars ever, including Gibsons? I even prefer the Epi headstock over the Gibson one, but the entire Guitar, just looks amazing, I think the ES-3xx are just so boring. The Gretch models are kinda cool, but still, the proportion on the Sheraton is just perfect. Maybe that's because I watched too many Oasis performances when I was a kid.
  11. [2] My jazzmaster is setup pretty much like this.
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