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  1. Thanks for your help! Good God that looks awesome.
  2. So I was looking on pictures of different guitars and a thought str####ed me when I saw this typical stratocaster with a floyd rose on it: Wonder if someone have ever put a floyd rose on a Fender Mustang? Well, I searched all over the internet but to no avail, so Im asking you guys here if it's possible to install a floyd rose on a mustang or would you have to make some serious modifications to make it happen? If soo, I might have a grand design for an abomination/masterpiece that will shake the very foundations of EARTH itself.. /joke Im really fond of punkacc9's mustang/jagstang/jaguar (I
  3. "By the power of truth, I, while living have conquered the universe." Haha thanks man, really appreciate it!
  4. I followed somewhat your guide and I must say that it's very good, however Im only reaching semi-success here . My Mustang can only stay somewhat in tune if the trem is played gently (I can't go nuts like you Mad-Mike in your whammy madness video haha xD). (Maybe this isn't the trem system to divebomb etc. on?) My pivots got 3 notches and mine is set on the first one (closest to the trem plate) I read somewhere that the one (the third notch) furthest from the tremplate would cause the most tension while the one closest would have the lowest. Currently the tremtube is quite low, preventing al
  5. Holy Mother of Stangs o.o.. It's beautiful! NO! BEAUTIFUL ISN'T ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE SUCH A WONDER! Please make a video to show us how it sounds! Excellent good sir!
  6. Well here is my warmoth-builed mustang: I love it with all my heart. <3
  7. I would say it like this if somebody asked: It's more like it's mother (Mustang) than it's father (Jaguar/jagstang).
  8. Looks nice! If fender ever came up with a special type of Mustang, they should name it: Mustang Stallion. xD
  9. Bugger, How many Mustangs and Jagstangs have you built all together?
  10. Holy ####! Bloody nice! Damn I wish i had my parts (1-3 weeks left i guess) now so I can start building.
  11. I actually like the color, really nice. However the discoloured neck pickup cover is bothering me. x)
  12. Yeah, I have specs for you and history. It's too much data for this forum PM but if you send your personal email address, I can send it as an attachment.



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