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  1. Well I talked to my uncle who knows alot about guitars and he said he likes the jag better because of the switches. But he said if I got the stang he would help me rout out the bridge pickup to fit a humbucker. Plus I'm 5'5" and my tele looks a bit big on me
  2. Well see the thing is that Guitar Center doesn't have it yet.... But I think i'm going to get the mustang and rout it out for a humbucker
  3. So if you know, Squier has come out with the Standard Mustang, Jaguar, and Jazzmaster. I've always wanted a Mustang or a Jag and now they are for a reasonable price. The jag is an SS version. I've always leaned towards a Jag but I'm a pretty small dude and they look too big on me also I don't know how easy it is to get a single coil humbucker in there.... What should I do? I plan on getting one of them. Mustang: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/squier-vintage-modified-mustang-electric-guitar Jaguar: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/squier-vintage-modified-jaguar-electric-guitar
  4. I think the red would look nice with a pearloid pickguard
  5. So a while back i was on youtube and some guy was trolling on Nirvana videos about how Nickleback be sooooo much better. So i said something like "The NB singer tries too hard to sound like Kurt so, no they aren't" This is what he posts on my channel.... This message contains blocked images. Show ImagesOptions YouTube help center | e-mail options | report spam wangobangodango has posted a comment on your profile: NICKLEBACK ARE WAY BETTER THAN NIRVANA, AND NOT AS DEPRESSING Never once did a Nickleback song make me happy........
  6. Do i see a red mini switch between the volume knobs?
  7. Yeah all you have to do is take it off, trace it, send it to them, and they will make it for you. This is also good because if you want smaller pups in, you can just draw what you want. Of course it's cost ya thou
  8. Welcome to Jag-Stang.com!

  9. I didn't get it from anywhere. I just wanted to see if any the JS members wanted to see it happen.
  10. Hey i want to put a pot in the first hole, a selector switch in the second, and a jack in the third....... will that fit?
  11. I have a question, I am building a Jag-Stang out of spare parts, and i want to know if i can fit a Les Paul bridge on a Jag-Stang. The bridge and tremelo will be $95 combined, and the LP bridge will save me $45. Also from my LP i'm taking a pickup, a pot, and a selector switch.
  12. Should Fender Make an affordable Mustang? If they release a Squier, it would be made in China, No Upper switches, and probably wouldn't have a chrome plate. would come in Sonic Blue, Candy Apple Red, and Black and probably around $300 If they release a Mexican Fender, No upper switches, would have a chrome plate, and be in Daphne Blue, Dakota Red, and Olympic White. would be around $500
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