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  1. On Warmoth you can custom make pickguards. i was wondering if anyone knew if i could put the tone knob where the JM jack is and put the volume knob where the JM tone is
  2. Ok guys i want to start a new guitar. I was gonna buy the new Pawn Shop Mustang but i thought that this would be more fun. First I'm going to buy a Fiesta Red Squire Jaguar. Then I am going to get a pearloid SH pickguard for it off of Warmoth.com After that, I'm going to get a '65 reissue mustang pickup in the neck, and a JB pickup in the bridge. Put a black pickup ring around the humbucker Replace the bridge with a mustang bridge and tremelo. Replace the pots Put Fender Mustang/Jaguar Knobs in Then put in a Vintage Glossy Maple Neck with Vintage tuners If you have any suggestions please type away!
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