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  1. Are Jag Basses welcome here too? This is my heavily modded lefty flipped 2012 Pawn Shop Jaguar Bass
  2. Phahaha, brilliant! You didn't even start, and I like it already!
  3. Competition Burgandy '69 hell yeah! And it she has body contours, more comfort on the arm.. yup!
  4. For the new one: You should try to imagine it being a smooth line, the part on the right side of the bridge dips in too early. Like this (sorry for using ms paint XD)
  5. Not half bad, I like it.. the only small little detail i'd change is that you should follow the contour of the body more on the right hip if your guitar (if you know what I mean) instead of going in a straight line. this part
  6. Pretty sweet, only a little confusing when you try to explain it to people who don't know too much about guitars.. - A mix between a mustang and mix of mustang with a jaguar? So it's 75% mustang? ° eurr.. yeah! lol.. awesome XD
  7. Ok, hi everyone, I'm new on this forum. And I'm having a bit of a problem. I really love the shape, the overall looks and the history of the fender mustang in particular, the burgundy blue/lake placid competition stang. But I'm a really tall guy (6'7"). So my first thought was that my fingers weren't gonna have enough room to take certain chords. I've heard of a way to fit a neck to a mustang to increase the scale, but it's gonna look slightly odd, because you still have that small body. So my though was to make my own. Lining a mustang up with a 25.5 scale guitar, made me see that I'll end up with a body a lot larger than a Stratocaster. All I need to do now is find a body blank, with holes routed for a bridge humbucker, a neck s.c and a strat neck pocket. I'm planning on cutting the shape out myself, along with the extra routing that needs to be done. I wanna strap a jazzmaster neck on, since the headstock looks almost exacly like the mustang one, and fits perfectly in a stratocaster pocket. I'll have to get a custom pickguard, and control plate, also, I'd like to get a strat input jack in the same spot of the mustang one, so my cable won't point straight up. So I looked up what's on everyone's mind reading this... warmoth.. only.. I noticed a small problem Warmoths body blanks are too short. Urgh.. I do know this is gonna be a long job, and it's a project for the future, since I don't have any money to fund this right now. XD Any thoughts? Anyone? Especially on the blank.
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