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  1. yeah if it has a Music Center in it the one here does
  2. So i got a Daphne Blue 65 RI on monday(halloween ) from Bestbuy for $614 total after tax and a new pair of strings(it was $644 but %10 off cuz it was the last one and it was the display one) i was extremely happy ive been playing for about almost 2 years but i really dont know much about like setting up a guitar so when i changed the strings the intonation was off and a bunch of other stuff went wrong so i took it back and had them set it up for $20 but when i got it back they literally had done nothing they had said it need bridge height adjustment truss rod adjustment and it also had fret buzz which i asked them to get rid of aswell as intonate it but it was all still the same so any suggestions on what i should do? i dont want to try it myself and end up messing up my new guitar and the only other places close by charge around $60+ for set up which i dont have also which way is the bridge supposed to be facing? mine came with the springs on the screws closer to the saddle but ive seen it in pictures the other way around
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