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  1. Sell it cause you wanna upgrade. But make sure you like what your getting, nothing worst then getting rid of a perfectly good guitar for junk.
  2. Chrome knobs were the first mod I ever did... it was on my 96 Jagstang, I thought I was the sh*t
  3. If you still had the Mustang body, you could buff off the refinish or wipe it off with Xylene. It's not easy but it's possible.
  4. If you had a ton of relief, then you tighten the truss rod (less relief)... you've decreased the distance you have to press down on the string to fret it... less distance ---> less tension. I forgot where the truss rod is adjusted from on the Toronado? Headstock or butt? If it's adjusted at the butt, double check all 4 neck plate screws, make sure they are all tight.
  5. Yikes, I'm bad about oiling the board and swapping strings. It can be YEARS before I put a new set of strings on a guitar
  6. Makes a great Valentine's Day present
  7. You may be able to pick up some brass at a local hobby shop in sheets. Lay a sheet of paper over the cavities, and rub a pencil on the paper, it'll trace the cavities... then tin snip the brass to size. Secure the brass plate in place with window glaze points.
  8. Pull the tremolo plate off and adjust the coil spring tension.
  9. I was trying to get one for a trade but it didn't work out. I like the GLAM OUT blue sparkle.
  10. I honestly never would of tried blue, I'm surprised it came out so great. Ya got some mad taking photo skillz.
  11. Kinda like when your trouble shooting your guitar only to find out ya forgot to plug in the guitar or left the amp in Standby ***messing with guitar/amp for 10 minutes*** Gawd Dammit! ***looks down at cable on floor*** Derf....!
  12. I gotta buy/swap out my lcd display on my laptop it has a video camera. I'll post a vid, if you guys promise not to laugh at my weak skillz...
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