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  1. Haha yep it is my first post! I was up late last night researching the possible pickups and stumbled across this site. I read though about 20 pages of the Mustang forums before posting. This is an awesome site! I was afraid of losing the Mustang sound when going "noiseless" ..I guess we can't have everything right? haha I'll look into the Fralin split blades! Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, I just recently got a 65 Mustang RI from a trade (for a Epi Sheraton II, IMO I made out like a bandit - the guitar was not functional electronically but otherwise it's in pretty good shape), and I really love the surfy twang that the Mustang's stock pickups have - like the lovechild of a Strat and Tele. However, like any self-proclaimed gearhead, I can't wait to start modding this little pony. I already have to switch out the pots and switches (the kid I got the guitar from didn't take care of it at all) and I'll probably replace the tuning machine heads as well (with the same stock heads; the current ones are all rusted and don't work properly). The tough decisions are the pickups: how do I add a little muscle to the pickups while preserving the twang and chime? I really want to have the bridge be a jangly-Tele-chimey-surfy pickup, and have the neck be a little more blues oriented, more Strat like. I also want to do away with the 60Hz hum (I mostly play for a church, so there isn't much distortion to hid the hum). My original instinct was to put some Noiseless SCN Tele pickups into both positions, but I don't think the bridge pickup would fit/mount properly (has anyone done this?). Then I looked into a set of Noiseless SCN Strat pickups (because they mount the same as stock Mustang pickups), but I'm afraid this will stray from the twang of the Mustang. I've also considered the DiMazio Area 58 or 67 for the bridge and the SD little 59er or JB jr for the neck, or a Hot/Cool Rails combo, or a variation of these combinations. I've also looked into SD Antiquity pickups and Lindy Fralin pickups, but I really (above all) would prefer hum-free pickups. I'm hoping to take advantage of GC's black Friday sale, so I hopefully want to make up my mind by then. Worse case scenario, I'll buy 4 or 5 of these pickups and returns the ones I don't like (but I think some of these can't be returned). Suggestions? Keep in mind - noiseless, bridge = tele twang, neck = strat blues Thanks!
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