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  1. Hi my mustang took a bad fall on my concrete floor. do you think it would be possible to fix it or get someone to fix it without having to strip the whole body? thanks.
  2. Guitars: CIJ 69 ressiue mustang, Aria DM380, Austin Strat copy. Pedals: MXR iii, DS-1, Beringer effects pedal, Harmonic Percolator Amps: rouge 2X12, and some pedal steel guitar amp from the early 60s.
  3. Has anyone ever swapped a strat trem with a jazzmaster tremolo?
  4. http://www.nirvanaguide.com/images/1993/111493.04.jpg http://www.nirvanaguide.com/images/1993/111493.03.jpg I think it was Fiesta Red because in these pictures the Sonic blue is clearly blue...the lighting in both pictures looks the same so the red probably isnt changed much...
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