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  1. Finally - PICTURES!!! Not too bad if I may say so. Looks and sounds exactly the way I wanted it to. The Antiquity II simply is the bee's knees and the TB-10 is a really versatile humbucker.
  2. They don't come much better than the Seymour Duncan Antiquity II (haven't heard the Antiquity I though) as long as you're not going for boutique pickups that cost twice - or more - as much. I use one in the neck position on my Jazzmaster and I'm really happy with it. It has a fantastic vintage tone; I can hardly tell it from an early 60s Jazzmaster. They use some sort of "premature aging" technique for these pickups that makes them sound as if they've seen decades of action even though they're brand new. I bought mine for 72.95$, so you could probably get a set for around $130-140. The Antiqu
  3. You were absolutely right! I've had it for about 1½ week now and it's just great. It was exactly what I was looking for! The boost mode also gives me a geat sound when playing the blues on my Strat, so it's almost like I got two pedals in one here.
  4. Where can I find that thread? I think I have an optimized pedal order, but some new tips are always welcome. I have decided to try the Boost N' Buff; found one for roughly $70 on a Swedish site for used gear. Hope to have it next week.
  5. Thanks! Listening to the demo of the Boost N' Buff now, and it sounds like it's just what I need. I take your word on the Ankh being worth $300+, but it's nowhere near my budget, unless I sell my amp or something. Do you have any experience with the Seymour Duncan pickup booster, or MXR's micro amp? What do you think of them?
  6. I play through almost too many effects units, and though I am pretty pleased with my sound I feel that the signal has faded slightly when it eventually comes out of the amp, especially in the treble frequencies. I'm therefor looking for some sort of "clean boost" pedal to use early in the chain to preserve the character of my original sound, but I feel completely lost. I've had a look at the various EHX boost pedals, and while some have received fine reviews, they don't seem to be what I'm looking for. I need a pedal that simply increases the strength of the signal without altering its charac
  7. A couple of weeks ago I abandoned my tube amp (a Carvin VL100) for the single-speaker, 50 watt version of the Roland Jazz Chorus, and I gotta say it's one of the best decisions I've made gear-wise for a very long time. All the hallelujah-ish reviews you can read here and there on the Internet are in fact true. It's clean as hell and it takes pedals just as good as any high-end Fender amp. I really recommend the Jazz Chorus series, and they do come pretty cheap as well. I paid just a little over 200 bucks for mine. However, if amp overdrive/distortion is your thing, you won't be very impressed
  8. I'm now FINALLY about to get to work! It took a while to get all the components, and then then Christmas got in the way as well, but I've got everything now and my Jazzmaster is on the surgery table. Can't find a wiring diagram for it though, but it's a pretty simple construction so I think I'll manage with the ones supplied with the pickups.
  9. I've seen some Squier Cyclones labeled as "new" pop up on eBay too over the last couple of weeks. Not sure if it's actually been re-released, but it appears that way. Strange that we haven't heard anything from Fender though.
  10. So... Fender's Custom Shop calls and tells you that they desperately want to produce a signature model for you. How would you design it? I've been playing with the thought myself today, and this is what I've come up with. Behold - the Stratmaster. Basically, it's the body from a Pawn Shop '72 with a Jazzmaster neck and bridge/tremolo, fitted with two Jazzmaster pickups and a Strat single coil in the middle position. More detailed specs:
  11. I asked the seller first just to be sure, but he hasn't replied yet. Sorry for all my questions but I've got one more for you - can I replace the switch with a conventional Jazzmaster one, or can I only use a Blacktop switch? Damn, I thought I had bought a pretty Jazzmasteesque guitar apart from the humbucker and tailpiece, but every little detail seems different in some way.
  12. OK, so I decided to go check it out, and it followed me home. I had read a lot about it on the Internet beforehand, and it (or the Jazz Chorus series) appeared to have attained something of a cult status, with many calling it "the best solid state amp ever". I've spent a couple of hours abusing it now, and even though I've tried far from every amp out there, I wouldn't be surprised if those people are right. First of all - the distortion sucks ass, but I've got three or four distortion/overdrive units so I don't really care. Second of all - the other built-in effects kick said ass. Given that
  13. HNB// I bought a solid black pickguard off eBay, think it cost about $30. Seriously? They GLUED the pickup cover on? That's incredibly stupid, I just don't get why. I'll try to save the pickup and cover by heating it with steam while disassembling. Do you think that'll do the trick? As for the pots, I had no idea. Damn. Might as well go 1M if I'm swapping those too. As you might have noticed I'm quite fresh at this stuff - does this one fit? Can I use the same for both the tone and the volume, or does tone require a different type?
  14. HNB// Ah, all right. I hade my eyes on a Musicmaster but someone had already bought it, so it's not much of a problem anymore, haha. I think I'll finally get my Blacktop Jazzmaster tomorrow, and I can't wait to get to work. This is what I hope it'll look like when finished (or preferably a lot better given my MS Paint skills): I've decided to go for a low-output humbucker, the Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz.
  15. HNB// Ah, then I'm definetely leaning towards the Lace pickup. And now a totally unrelated question - can I use a Strat pickup cover on a Mustang/Musicmaster pickup?
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